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Support Projects page Gotoarrow.png Restructuring U.S. County Pages

Purpose[edit | edit source]

The purpose of this project is to standardize counties within a state. The project utilizes a Excel program to rearrange content on an existing county page. No information is lost except for information that is purposely being standardized to a new format. This project is under the direction and support of the Wiki Governance Council.

Contact for project[edit | edit source]

Wilma Adkins

Task Page
[edit | edit source]

Arkansas Google Doc

Project Roles
[edit | edit source]

Techie[edit | edit source]

Purpose: Process county page information through Excel macro program.

1. To take the content on a current county page and process the content through an Excel macro program to restructure the information on the page.
2. The information is then put on a Sandbox page and linked from the Task Page for review by the Reviewer and Auditor.

Reviewer[edit | edit source]

Purpose: To review the sandbox page using a checklist to make sure information processed as it should and that all content remained on the page and inform project of any mistakes or omissions the program may have made or content that was not properly formatted.


Auditor[edit | edit source]

Purpose:To review the reviewer's work to make sure no information is lost.

Instructions: Found on instructions page.