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The purpose of this task is to update and add information concerning the individual Archives/Societies pages you signed up for. These instructions apply to all New York State Archives and Repository pages.


1. Go to your New York state repository, archive or society page you signed up to edit. A page should be created for it already:

NOTE: For repositories in New York City, we've already added the "Alternate Repositories" section to your page. It was copied from the New York Public Library page. Go through the section and make sure it is applicable for your repository. For repositories that are outside of New York City, you may want to use the New York Public Library as a guideline and to give you suggestions on how to fill in the information. If you have any questions, consult with David Dilts.

2. Research your repository and update or add to the page.  Information that is helpful to add is:

a. Contact information
b. Hours
c. Collection description
d. Digital collections
e. Tips and advice on how to use the facility - does it take research requests?
f. Written guides to the repositories
g. Alternate repositories

3. Use the New York Public Library as example.

4. Check the New York Archives and Libraries or New York Societies pages to see if any information has been written already. Once all the individual repository and society pages are updated, these two pages will change drastically.

5. For more guidance, please talk to David Dilts.

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