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WikiProject Adopt-a-page > Adoption Setup

Step-by-step process for setting up a new adopter
[edit | edit source]

When a new request is received in SalesForce, you'll follow four steps:

1. Evaluate the request and respond to the patron[edit | edit source]

For each request:
  • Click on Reply by Email
  • Copy the correct response to the email and edit it to send to the patron

Types of responses:
i. Is the request missing any pieces of information?
a. Use the "Incomplete Submission" response
b. Go to Step 2.
ii. Did you receive all 5 pieces of information?
a. Use the "Complete Submission" response
b. Go to Step 2.

Less common
iv. Is the requested state/topic already adopted? See Adopted Pages
a. Use the "Second Request for Same Page" response
b. Go to Step #2.

2. Update the table on the Spread Sheet and Adopted Page Table[edit | edit source]

When you have determined how to respond to the patron, then add the request to the Wiki Adopter spreadsheet.

The purpose of the table is to easily identify what has and has not been adopted.
i. Go to the Wiki Adopters table (you must have rights to view this table).
ii. Fill out the table with information about the adopter.
iii. Go to the Adopted Pages.
iv. Add "Requested" to the table.
v. If the request is complete, go to step #3.
vi. If the request is not complete, wait until you have all the information to go on.

3. Create the new adoption template
[edit | edit source]

a. Upload the society logo
  • Sign in then go to Special Pages, and scroll down to Upload File to add the file into the Wiki. (You must have specific rights to do this.)
  • The image name should be unique, such as the name of the society plus the word logo
  • The image name is case-sensitive
  • Once the image is uploaded, edit it and add the category "Adoption Logos"
  • Click Save Page
b. Open up a Word Processor and copy the following information into it for step use in step c:
  • Copy everything inside the blue dashed lined box in the Usage section.
c. Click Create a New Page from the link on the right navigation bar
  • Name the page... Template:Adoption [name of organization]'
d. Edit the new page in Wikitext and paste the Wikitext from step b, 3rd bullet.
  • After logo=, type in the name of the image you uploaded (do not include "File:" or "Image:").
  • After adopter=, inside the [ ], enter the URL of the organization, then a space, then the name of the organization.
  • FYI: the three ''' are apostrophes before and after the brackets which will put the name of the organization in bold.
  • Click Show preview at the bottom to check the text.
  • It should show a tiny version of the image, and the name of the organization should be a link to the organization's web site.
  • Right click on the link to the organization, then open the link in a new window to test to make sure the link goes to the right Website.
  • If the link doesn't work, or the logo doesn't show, verify that you typed in the correct information.
  • FYI: the links are case sensitive, and even a space we don't see makes a difference.
  • Scroll back down and click Wikitext again if you need to fix anything (the Preview puts you back into rich text).

  • Once you finish, click Save page
  • Copy the characters need for step f - these are found in the You Type box.

e. Add the new Template to a page they requested.

4. Add the template to a Wiki page, update the table[edit | edit source]

i. Add the template to the pages the society is adopting
  • The placement of the new template on a page is generally added toward the top-right corner of the page, but not always! Right now it's a judgment call and evaluated for each page. Eventually the style guide will help determine the right placement for the adoption template.
  • If an infobox exists on a county page, insert the adoption sign into the infobox, using the following text:
  • | adoption_sign = name of adoption template
  • Example: | adoption_sign = Adoption KYGenWeb
ii.Update the Wiki Adoptions table
iii. Update the table for this adoption on the Project Page.
  • Add the link to the new template
  • Add the link to the page where you added their new template
  • Change the heading to read "(complete)"
iv. Send the "Approve Adoption Sign" response below.

Responses[edit | edit source]

Respond to the request with the appropriate reply below.

Second Request for Same Page[edit | edit source]

Hi, [Name],
Thank you for your interest in adopting pages in the FamilySearch Wiki. Adoption is a first come, first served program in the Wiki, and the page(s) you requested have already been adopted.

However, your organization has been added as an applicant for the page(s), so we can contact you if policies change.

In the meantime, you are welcome to contibute information to pages, whether they have been adopted or not.

Thank you again for your interest in the adoption program.



Complete Submission[edit | edit source]

(When we did receive all items)

Hi [name],

Thanks so much for your interest in adopting pages in the FamilySearch Wiki on behalf of [the organization name].

Now that we have all the information, we'll publish a draft version of the sign on one of the pages you’ve requested to adopt and let you know it's complete. If you have additional pages to adopt, we’ll also tell you how to copy the sign to the pages you’ve identified.

Thanks much and looking forward to working with you and others at[the organization name]!

Incomplete Submission[edit | edit source]

Copy this into your reply, then please delete the ones you already received. This way, you are only asking for what was NOT received.

Hi [name],

Thanks so much for your interest in adopting pages in the FamilySearch wiki pages on behalf of [the organization name].

In order to complete the adoption process, we still need the following information from you:

Contact information: The name and email address of the primary contact who we can contact with any questions about the content on the pages that you’d like to adopt.
Please also tell us your FamilySearch Wiki username. If you have not yet registered, please go to and click Sign in (upper right portion of the page).
We also recommend providing at least one additional contact person.

Logo: A thumbnail sized logo for your society/organization that you’d like to appear on your adoption sign (please submit your file in one of the following formats: .png, .jpg or .gif).

Adoption Sign Wording: The sign will read: “This page adopted by [the organization name] and its members.” Let us know if you have any concerns with that wording.

Link to your website: Wiki users who click on your adoption sign will be re-directed to the URL you provide us.

Pages you'd like to adopt: Identify the specific Wiki page(s) you’d like to adopt. Please include a total number of pages requested. For example, you may want to adopt only a broad locality page ("I'd like to adopt the South Korea page."), or that broad locality along with its smaller localities ("I'd like to adopt the Missouri page and all of its counties - 115 pages total.").
NOTE: Currently, you can adopt as many or as few pages as you’d like, provided that the page hasn’t already been adopted. Limits to the number of pages one organization can adopt may be set by the Community in the future.

Once we get this information, we'll publish a draft version of the adoption sign on one of the pages you’ve requested and let you know it's complete. If you have additional pages to adopt, we’ll also tell you how to copy the sign to the pages you’ve identified.

Thanks much and we're looking forward to working with you and others at [the organization name]!



Approve Adoption Sign[edit | edit source]

Hi [Name],
We have completed the draft version of the adoption sign for [organization name] and have published it on [name of Wiki page].

If you are pleased with the sign, feel free to copy it to the page(s) you have identified. Here's how:
1. Copy the sign name, which is: {{[sign name]}}
2. Find a page in the Wiki that you are adopting, click the Edit source tab or at the section where the sign will be placed.
4. Paste the sign name (from Step 1)
5. Scroll down to Show Preview to see if you like the placement
6. Click Save Page when finished.

As an adopting society, we invite you to participate with the FamilySearch Wiki community through:

  • Community meetings held online on a recurring basis. Online meetings will include training webinars, projects, and conversations with other contributors and adopters.
To see the agenda and the link and to join a meeting, search the Wiki for the word "meeting" and the month and year -- "meeting January 2016" for example. Meeting agendas may include best practices, or current issues.
  • Yammer.
Communicate with others who are contributing to the Wiki and the staff.
Request an invitation by completing this form.
It is through a community that works together that content and processes are improved and issues resolved. We welcome you to this community.