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What is the FamilySearch Wiki Weekly Report?[edit | edit source]

  • This report is a review of the main pages maintained by the FamilySearch Wiki Support Team and this report tracks the amount of work needing to be done over time. See the Report (There are 4 reports, one for every 3 months)) Report Jan - Mar, Report Apr - Jun, Report Jul - Sept and Report Oct - Dec
  • This report is filled out every Sunday or Monday and e-mailed to Danielle Batson.

Who does the Report?[edit | edit source]

  • First someone trained on the maintenance duties.
  • Has the Moderator and Reviewer rights, and has shown an ability with maintenance.
  • Supervisors decide who to ask.
  • The individual is usually given Administrators rights.

How do you fill out the Weekly Report?[edit | edit source]

  • As with all edits be sure to sign-in.
  • Next bring up the Report then bring up the Instruction page. Many of the items already have the count to be transferred to the report. The goal is to get the count as low as possible on each item. 0 is always perfect.
  • Transfer the items to the Report by clicking on edit but do not go to Wikitext for the weekly report. Then type the number into the correct spots.
  • When you come to spaces that are not recorded you use the link on the instruction page to bring up the pages and find out the amount. Save often as you work.
  • When finished save, copy the link and send an e-mail with the link to Danielle Batson.

What else is there to be done?[edit | edit source]

  • When there has been a change in the numbers. go to that page and work on the page to reduce the numbers as far as possible. Example:Special:NewPages the goal is always 0.
  • Your guide, how to, on all the pages is in the right column on the instruction sheet Instruction page
  • The how to or instruction for each item needs to be updated when changes happen.
  • There are items we are only recording at this time but in the future, these need to be evaluated.

Four Pages per Year[edit | edit source]

The report is in Four parts. So every Three months the new sheet needs to be updated for the year you are in.

  • Click edit on the report. Example:Report
  • This time go to Wikitext. Change the dates to the right Year and the Sunday dates for each section.