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The FamilySearch Research Wiki is not meant to be a resource for all types of genealogy information. There are some things that are outside the "scope" of the Wiki. If you have entered information that is marked as outside the scope of the Wiki, or has been deleted, you may be wondering why. You may feel that your hard work is being casually tossed away.

We are grateful for your contributions to the genealogy community. The work that you have put in is very valuable. However, it may not be right for the FamilySearch Wiki. If the information you added to the Wiki is about one of the topics below, or as described on the Appropriate Topics page, it doesn't belong in the FamilySearch Wiki.

See the table below to find other wikis and websites that do allow content that FamilySearch Wiki does not.

Directory of alternatives[edit | edit source]

FamilySearch Wiki is not a... ... so try these instead
FamilySearch products directory FamilySearch Product Support
Place for ancestor information Familypedia, GenerationStation,, WikiTree, 1000Memories FamilySearch
Place to post Queries Cousin Connect
Advertising site
Collection of product reviews ProductWiki
Place for religious doctrine or practices Religion-wiki, Mormon Wiki
Place for image of LDS temples LDS Temples
Encyclopedia of other things Wikipedia
Place for detailed historical information Wikipedia,, Families in British India
Places to post biographies, data sets and genealogical records USGenWeb; We which allows GEDCOM uploads; 1000Memories; WikiTree; Family History Library (offline);

Genealogical Societies—Online directories include: daddezio; Federation of Genealogical Societies;
Other places: scribd which accepts PDF's of your files.
Be sure to add links to your files from appropriate places in this Wiki.

Or, if you would like to... ... try these instead
Create your own Wiki Wikia, Wikidot, Wikispaces, Wikispot