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Links to the recordings of trainings for Wiki Missionaries to increase their skills for contributing to the FamilySearch Wiki.

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Categorizing U K Parishes (Update) Sandra Pond 05/21/2015
Wiki Access Sandra Pond 05/21/2015 Easy Access
Link Fixing Sandra Pond 05/21/2015 Fixing Links
Patrolling Basics Sandra Pond 06/18/2015 Patrolling
References Sandra Pond 03/05/2015-20:06 Help:References
Communication Tools Sandra K/Sandra P 03/05/2015-35:00 Communication Tools
Categorization Project (New) Sandra Pond 04/30/2015
Yammer Overview Caleb Love 04/30/2015
Clickable map problem solving Charles Smith 04/09/2015-12:25
Wikitext Charles Smith 04/09/2015-33:52 Wikitext
Table Borders Charles Smith 06/25/2015 Table Borders
Yammer Giuseppe Martinengo 03/12/2015
New Missionary Training Resources Sandra Pond 03/12/2015
Cleaning up Talk Pages Sandra Pond 06/21/2015 Help:Patrolling Talk pages
Maintenance Template Sandra Kennedy/Linda Chappell 05/07/2015 Maintenance Templates
Creating a Page Sandra Pond 06/14/2015 Help:Creating a Page
Wiki Patron Contact Linda Chappell 04/16/2015
Projects Danielle Batson 04/23/2015 Current Projects
Welcoming Committee Tasks Marilyn Gardner 07/09/2015 Supporting Active Users
Closing Div and Table tags Charles Smth 06/05/2015-33:57 HTML and Wikitext - Lesson Four
Weekly Maintenance Report Linda Chappell 06/05/2015-45:58
Image Sizing and Floating Charles Smith 05/28/2015-36:04 HTML and Wikitext - Lesson Three
WikiText Lesson 2 Charles Smith 05/28/2015-53.57 Wikitext - Lesson Two
Policies and Procedures Myra Harris 07/16/2015 Purpose and Appropriate Topics
Image Approval LaVera Parris 07/23/2015 Help:Uploading images and files
Copyrights Sandra Pond 07/30/2015 Help:License templates
Current Wiki Projects Danielle Batson 08/06/2015 FamilySearch Wiki:Current Projects
Yammer and FaceBook Caleb Love 08/20/2015 FamilySearch Wiki Missionary - Yammer
Templates Charles Smith 08/27/2015 FamilySearch Wiki:Maintenance Templates
Enhancing the WebEx Experience Sharon Birdsong 09/10/2015
Categories and Creating a Wiki Page Kathy Hanna 09/17/2015
Creating a Wiki Page Sandra Kennedy 09/17/2015-22:50 Help:How to create an article
Creating Shapes on the Wiki Charles Smith 10/01/2015
Maintenance Training Sandra Pond 10/08/2015
Patrolling Sis Sharon Birdsong 15 October 2015 Help:Wiki University--Patrolling Guidelines
Dealing with Difficult People Ambassadors 10/22/2015
Manual of Style Linnea Capps 10/29/2015 FamilySearch Wiki:Manual of Style
County Transfer Project County Transfer Team 11/5/2015
Categories Kathi Hanna 11/12/2015
Google Docs and Sheets Danielle Batson 11/19/2015
Wiki University Tour Beverly Repouille 12/10/2015 Help:Wiki University Missionary Tutorial
Researching the Wiki Kathi Hanna 1/7/2016
Categories by Location and Topic Batson and Hanna 1/28/2016
Table Widths and Templates Charles Smith 2/18/2016 Table Widths and Templates
Intro to the New Wiki Charles Smith 3/31/2016
Virtual Editor Intro Charles Smith 4/7/2016
Yammer Training (Part 1) Caleb Love 4/14/2016 Yammer 101
Yanmer Training (Part 2) Caleb Love 4/21/2016 Yammer 101
Fixing Links Danielle Batson 5/12/2016 FamilySearch_Wiki:WikiProject_Fixing_broken_links_on_U.S._county_pages
Captioning Images Danielle Batson 5/26/2016
Wiki Guiding Principles and Policies Beverly Repouille 6/2/2016
URL Trainer Date Link
URL Trainer Date Link

  • Some trainings start later in the recording. In those situations the time, in minutes, is indicated after the date.