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Green check.png This page explains a policy, a widely accepted standard that all contributors should normally follow.

Please visit the talk page to add comments or suggestions for further development of the policy.

The following steps should be followed when there is a proposal for a new Policy in the Wiki, or a change to an existing Policy is being suggested.

New Policy:

  1. Create the page in a sandbox and put a policy proposal template on it.
  2. Post it on the Wiki Contributors' Corner Forum and, if possible, the Community Meeting Agenda.
  3. Add a link from the proposed page and its Talk page, to the forum post.
  4. In the Forum post, link to the Sandbox containing the proposed page and its Talk page.
  5. Give it two weeks for feedback, and then request that a forum moderator post it with a survey for acceptance. 
  • To find a Forum Moderator, scroll to the bottom of the main Forum page and click on "View Forum Leaders".  A list of moderators will appear, and you can contact one of them to post the survey. giving a two-week time period for responses.
6. When the proposed policy is accepted, move it from the sandbox to a Wiki page with the correct title, and replace the Proposal template with the Policy template.

Existing Policy:

  1. Create a specific proposal for the changes in a sandbox.
  2. Follow steps 2-6 above.