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Policies of FamilySearch Wiki
Tools for Moderators
  • The moderator user box added to your user page will communicate to other wiki users that you are the moderator for the content.
  • Add the box by typing {{User Moderator}}

to your user page. 
  • You might want to add the name of the localities and/or subjects you are moderating to your user page along with the user box.
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What is a moderator?[edit | edit source]

Moderators are volunteer administrators of the FamilySearch Wiki who encourage contribution within a subject area on the wiki, monitor its content, and guide contributors.

We are currently suspending the Moderator program and no longer taking applicants to moderate Wiki pages. More information will follow. If you have any further questions, please contact:

Responsibilities[edit | edit source]

The Moderator Job Description includes the following items:

  • Build Community - Help build an active, vibrant community of contributors in a locality or topic.
  • Recognize Contributions - Introduce themselves to new contributors to that locality, potentially recognizing those contributors whose work is particularly valuable.
  • Help Resolve Problems - Generally a very minor part of these responsibilities, it will be important to respond when Wiki Guidelines and Policies are not observed by contributors, and assist when two or more contributors have an editing dispute by supporting the Dispute Resolution guidelines.
  • For more detailed information on the responsibilities, see the Moderator Responsibilities page.

Who are the Moderators?[edit | edit source]

Our current moderators include:


United States

Focused Research

Historical Records

Things you can do[edit | edit source]

The following items are things that a moderator can do to help improve the content in their area of expertise and also grow the community of volunteers authors and editors:

  • Review and edit content as needed
  • Populate the "Help Wanted" page for your locality
  • Upload images
  • Encourage the creation of new pages
  • Encourage users to clarify ambiguous page titles
  • Discuss, approve, interpret, and clarify policies
  • Get good ideas from other moderators and areas of the wiki and assist contributors in your area to implement them
  • Communicate important issues to other contributors in your subject area
  • Organize and lead WikiProjects
  • Identify and invite knowledgeable people to help with the wiki

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