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The Wiki encourages a spirit of help and cooperation between users and contributors. More experienced wiki users can be helpful to new users by mentoring them through the basics of using the Wiki, or offering specialized help. Through this process, new learners should be able to become effective contributors more quickly. We can learn from one another.

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A mentor is one who:[edit | edit source]

  • Answers questions and offers friendly advice and support.
  • Helps with technical difficulties, policy interpretation and conflict management.
  • Enjoys working with and teaching people.
  • Has time available to help.
  • Has a working knowledge of the area he/she is willing to mentor in or be willing to be taught how to mentor in a particular area.
  • Has no record of vandalism or blocks.
Sign up to be a mentor, or to receive mentoring

A mentor is not:[edit | edit source]

  • Forever. Once the mentoring process is complete, the community member and the mentor will likely stay in touch, but he/she will be able to progress with learning and contributing to the Wiki with out the continued help of the mentor.
  • A Social club. Mentors are available to help users use and contribute to the Wiki.
  • Just for the newest contributors. Mentoring can be helpful to more advanced users as they want specialized help or advice.

Mentors are needed to help:[edit | edit source]

  • New users and contributors on a one-on-one basis.
  • Moderators
  • Adopters.
  • Community members who are willing to help with maintenance tasks in the Wiki.
  • Create and set up Wiki Projects.

Resources[edit | edit source]

{{User Mentor}} - Userbox for mentors
FamilySearch Wiki:Welcoming Committee
Help:Edit and Contribute
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