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Unused files (priority 4)[edit | edit source]

  • Click to help review the need for unused files
  • Problem:
  • Why fix:
    • Lost files could be used
    • Files may be placed on articles.
    • Duplicates need to be removed.
  • Help links:
  • How to report:
    • Automatic
  • Steps to resolve:
    • For Duplicates
      • Bring up duplicates and compare
      • Select best to keep and add delete template to all others
    • To add to pages.
      • Search for subject and select page.
      • Add to area of page it best fits and any content needed.

Unused Templates (4)[edit | edit source]

Resources for content maintenance
(requiring some knowledge or study about the subject matter)
Title (click for report)
How to fix


Out-of-date information 2
4 How to
Citations needed (statements) 3
How to
Citations needed (articles) 3
How to
Orphaned Pages 3
How to
Oldest Pages 4
How to
Long Pages 4
How to
Dead-end Pages 4
0 How to


(About Categorization)

To be determined 2 0 How to
Uncategorized pages 2
How to
Uncategorized categories

How to
Very large categories 4
0 How to
Uncategorized files 5

How to
Uncategorized templates

How to
Wanted categories

How to
Unused categories

How to

Content Needed

Wanted Pages 2-4

How to
Wanted Files 5

How to
Wanted Templates 5

How to
Unused Files 4

How to
Unused Templates 4

How to