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FamilySearch Historical Record Collections

There are two lists. The top list is .Indexed Statewide collections: Post the collection on 1) the State topic page AND on 2) the state's Online Records page

These are indexed collections.

For collections with several counties, browse each collection and post to the appropriate counties: 1) Title of entire collection, including the years; 2) navigate to the specific county in that collection, and use that URL (not the URL of the full collection) in the link from the county; 3) if there are several types of records or documents mentioned, add an indented bullet to explain them and the years. (For example: Probate may include:wills, administrations, loose papers, etc. or marriages could include intentions, licenses, returns, registers, etc.

  1. Indexed multiple-county collections: Link to the collection from the topic on each county's wiki page
  1. Browse-able multiple-county collections: Link to the collection from the topic on each county's wiki page
  1. Single county collections: Simply link to the collection from the topic on the county wiki page


  • LOCAL HISTORY RESOURCES FOUND IN IOWA LIBRARIES, compiled 1997-98 by Local History Roundtable of the Iowa Library Association.
    • Suggest this be linked to from every county in Libraries section, with a comment like "Search (Ctrl+F) for the county name.
    • A 2nd project on this could be on a county-by-county basis to post notable information to the appropriate topic sections.
      • Example: Greenfield Public Library, Adair County: Photograph collections; Family histories; 20 scrapbooks 1918-1950's of obituaries, weddings, anniversaries, WWII clippings. Some are indexed. This could be posted under Genealogy, Obituaries, Marriages, Military sections of the county.


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