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White River in northern Arkansas

"Fulfillment comes
not in what we acquire,
but in what we contribute"

Be the moderator for Arkansas for the next 6 months! Contact the Support Team for details.

Share Your Ideas[edit | edit source]

The purpose of the Wiki is to help people—beginners and experts alike—with genealogy and family history research.

You probably have suggestions or knowledge that can help others with Arkansas research, such as records housed in a library or even someone's home; additional websites with indexes or images; tips on using a specific set of records; lesser-known records, and more.

Do you have ideas to make the Wiki information clearer? Is there something you would like to add or update? Share your knowledge by adding to the Wiki. How to Make Your First Edit

Click to use a form to submit content, or add your suggestions below:

Completed suggestions:

  • Done: Create a page for Arkansas Migration. It would include trails, railways, rivers, canals. It would be nice to see ways my people may have gone in and out of Arkansas.

Add or Update Content[edit | edit source]

Below are suggested projects to enhance content on the Arkansas state and county wiki pages. Summary:

Communities in each county
County Seat pages
Glean Links to Records
This includes FamilySearch Historical Records Collections,, and state/local libraries and archives
History timeline for each county

Cemeteries[edit | edit source]

Add links to the cemetery chart so that the information is specific for each county. User:Gbo17 13 August 2014 (UTC) did this manually.

  • User:Wyzer17 is testing the updating through Excel, which will be much faster. She is also going to do instructions for this project, so it can be done for other states, including consulting with the state moderator. AdkinsWH 17:58, 3 December 2014 (UTC)

Communities in Each County[edit | edit source]

  • Communities in the county. Having access to the list of communities in each county will be helpful for users, especially when they know the town, but not the county.
    • See example
      • Please DO NOT create Wiki pages for towns except County Seat(s).
    • Make one link to the county in Wikipedia, using the template in this manner:
{{Wpd|Johnson County, Arkansas#Communities}}
Which gives this link: Johnson County, Arkansas#Communities
  1. (Optional) In Wikipedia, while NOT IN EDIT MODE, copy names of towns and communities in the county
  2. In Wikitext, paste to the county page

County Seat Pages[edit | edit source]

  • Make sure link on the infobox is to Courthouse images and information at Arkansas Ties
    • Progress: Johnson County

Glean from the Internet[edit | edit source]

These project will identify items on the Internet that wiki users may not know about or even where to look. To begin, we'll glean from major sites.

FamilySearch Historical Collections[edit | edit source]

This project will help users find collections available for Arkansas and their county. Project contributors will describe and post links to these collections on Wiki county or state pages.

  1. See FamilySearch Historical Record Collections for Arkansas
  2. View the list of collections In process or completed as of January, 2015
  3. Go to the project page for details, suggested formats, and examples.[edit | edit source]
  • -- Completed by User:Karenmunger, Dec 2014. Please redo in a year or two.
  1. On, click the Search tab, select Search all records from the drop-down menu, and click Arkansas (map or state name)
  2. Go through the county list on the right under Narrow by region
  3. For each county, post under the appropriate topics of the wiki page every record not already listed.
- for examples, see Faulkner County Histories and Washington County Newspapers

History Timeline for Each County[edit | edit source]

  • Create the history timeline on the county home page (2014 format)
    • This has been started for some AR counties.
    • Use a county history or glean from the history area of each county and town in Wikipedia
    • List year first, then month and day to make it easier for users to glance down for the years they need.
    • List events that had an impact upon:
      • Records, such as wars which created records, natural disasters that destroyed records
      • People. Perhaps a railroad or canal, that affected migration to/from the county.
      • Other major events will be appreciated, bearing in mind that users may avoid too long a list.
    • Please reference the source using <ref> and </ref> codes.

Libraries[edit | edit source]

Local Libraries[edit | edit source]

Local libraries, especially those in the county seats, are very likely to have genealogical materials that have not been published, such as card file indexes, files of family papers or obituaries, one-of-a-kind binders of records, or other collections important to people seeking their ancestors.

  • Local Libraries Phase 1: We therefore want to list the main library in every county seat, with their address and website, if available. Please use a format similar to the example given under Societies
  1. From the Arkansas page, click to a county
  2. Learn the county seat from the infobox which starts "above the fold"
  3. Use Public Libraries to go to that town
  4. Copy the information to the county wiki page (OK if all on one line. You may need to add a space between the name of the town and the library.)
  5. Do the next county.
  • Local Libraries Phase 2:
  1. Create a form for gathering information
  2. Preferably call the library to
    1. Start filling out the form
    2. Generate interest in what the wiki says about their library
Glean from other libraries[edit | edit source]

Other Libraries with Arkansas information


Records, indexes, and information may be in local libraries or societies, on the Internet, or in possession of businesses or individuals. People need to know about those sources.

Following are a few projects for linking to online sources and shedding light on lesser-known collections:

  • Repositories - what's in a repository of genealogical interest for Arkansas? See if adequately described in Arkansas Genealogy Local Resources
    • Be specific (under the appropriate state/county topics) about what each has for AR
    • Arkansas History Commission
    • Downtown Branch Central Arkansas Library System
    • Southwest Arkansas Regional Archives
    • University of Arkansas
    • National Archives Southwest Region (Ft. Worth
    • Dallas Public Central Library

Societies[edit | edit source]

Wiki users really need to know about local societies. Their members have created indexes of records, collected family information, and have good knowledge of what exists for their area. Such a valuable resource should be mentioned on every county.

  • Use Census Finder's Arkansas Genealogy Society Directory to add the historical/genealogical society to each county's Societies area
    • Post information in the wiki of records, databases, indexes, unique collections, etc. that they may have
    • Example (partially true, partially made up for illustration purposes):
  • Johnson County Historical Society, (address)
    • Their web site links to and other popular sites as well as local databases online: cemeteries, obituaries, and an index to a history.
    • Holdings include files of newspaper and other clippings arranged by names and subjects. They also maintain an Excel file on the in-house computer to index (by names) and catalog their holdings.

Websites[edit | edit source]

Websites help wiki users find information that may not be on the wiki pages yet.

  • Add links to Websites area of county pages. (These were missed when first pass was done.)
    • Kindred Trails. com Add each county link to the Websites area of that county -- the table that includes Linkpendium and Cyndi'sList.

Reformat pages for software update[edit | edit source]

The Wiki Content Team will practice with the Arkansas state and county pages into the Narrow format in early 2015.

  • The update may be distant. A "current version" Narrow format is in process.AdkinsWH 23:21, 29 January 2015 (UTC)
  • When narrow format is approved, the team will practice as mentioned

Needs before any new format is implemented broadly:

  • Governance Council must approve:
    • Headings (mandatory or optional on a county page). This WILL vary by state, so Common to US headings
    • Format (Narrow or wide)
    • The use of Intro templates
    • The go ahead after testing of the Excel program has been done
  • Neighboring Counties clickable maps. Several states are completed, some others are in process. Suggest this becomes a priority for those who are competent in this
  • Intro templates - standard names for each heading.
    • Create blank templates in each state with standard names. Joy and Dawne are already creating blank templates for the states. Some changes will need to be made on a state-by-state basis, but no data will be lost, as they are NOT blanking out any existing templates.
    • Transfer contents of existing intro templates into standard name. This needs to be done just before or just after the new format is done for that state.
    • Write templates for some of the new ones: Records to Research, Additional Resources, Cities and Towns, etc.
    • When the new format is implemented, check the old templates for What Links Here. Be sure it has been transferred to the standard template name, then delete it once nothing does link to it. Joy will check on redirecting/moving to the standard name.AdkinsWH 17:50, 4 February 2015 (UTC)
    • Mandatory -- include on a county page whether data is present or not
    • Optional -- only include on a county page if data is present

Wanted Pages[edit | edit source]

A "Wanted Page" is a page that doesn't yet exist, but someone created a link to it, showing that they want a page on that topic created. For online classes to learn how to create a new page or wiki article click here: [a Wiki Article], [Searching for and Creating Articles.

Follow the red links below to create a requested Wanted page: (blue links=completed)

Scheduled Maintenance[edit | edit source]

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Volunteer Wiki

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Maintenance - Communities[edit | edit source]

  • Communities listed in the FamilySearch Catalog: This has been completed for Arkansas by User:Karenmunger Nov 2014
    • Revisit in 2016?

Maintenance: Histories (Online) for Each County[edit | edit source]

  • Find online editions, cite and link to them for each county. For histories with several biographies, mention it under both History and Biographies. Completed Oct 2014 by User:Karenmunger

Maintenance - Websites[edit | edit source]

  • Update 3 Websites areas: 1) Courthouse, 2) Libraries, 3) Websites (1st project completed Nov 2014 by User:Karenmunger)
    • Why needed? In Nov 2014, Courthouse area: very few official websites were found for county officials. This may change and should be updated at that time.

Meet and Talk[edit | edit source]

Other Wiki projects[edit | edit source]

If there are other areas of the FamilySearch Wiki you would like to volunteer for, we have a Wiki Help Wanted page that lists additional projects and areas where help is needed.