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FamilySearch Wiki:Encouraging Contributors to Create a User Page

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Project name: Encouraging contributors to complete a User Page

Purpose of project: Improving communications with and retention of contributors

Description of project including bullet points of main tasks to be accomplished:

  • Develop instructions for the project
  • Create an introductory email(importance of creating a User Page)
  • Use the Current Active Users page to determine which contributors to contact
  • Review the contributions to familiarize with their work
  • Send initial email
  • Upon receiving an answer to the original email continue a dialogue

Any potential restrictions, problems, or concerns we might encounter in this project: Contributors reluctance to reveal personal information and/or refusal to open email when they do not recognize the sender.

Team lead: LaVera

List of those working on it: Project leader and others (user names, names, and email address) Sbirdsong, Sharon Birdsong

Level of expertise needed: intermediate for computer, the wiki, and genealogy experience plus a desire to communicate with contributors

Link to instructions on wiki:

Status of instructions: needed

Project Status: