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Introduce new members

  • Ben Fuller with Dorothy Horan's group; Robin Foster team lead w/FS wiki team under Janell (replacing Lynda)

Kudos go to ... 

Lynda Avery for everything you have done, directing this meeting, lead on the support team. This is her last day. Thank you!

Updates and follow up

Community Council Report

Went through the Council minutes


New Agenda Items

  • How to Find West Virginia Birth Records strategy page. It has been usability tested with beginners, new missionaries, and more experienced missionaries. Two challenges were given, one in the 1853-1912 time period, and the other between 1913-1930. Several iterations, and this one was most successful — except several did not get to the actual image.
    • Suggestions: icon (camera?) for images; a bit of color for interest (very black and white); emphasize that the state was previously Virginia (it is there, but not emphasized enough); overall it is very very helpful.
  • Color of new skin is mostly white w/some purple highlights. - our added colors should be complimentary
  • DIscussion: Not update the wiki to the new skin, to instead go to the wikipedia skin
      • Suggestions: User test it, change colors on Wiki scheme (after change, cannot easily go back and change colors); this would be easier for engineers once the change is made; set up a test site;
      • Janell will report: not opposed, would like to see what it looks like and how it would integrate.
  • Portuguese wiki: wants to work through Yammer - a Facebook look alike. Suggest you find another method.

Priority items for this meeting:

  • Item:

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