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FamilySearch Wiki:Contributors Meeting 22 March 2011

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Join the meeting, the ID is 0000
1 p.m. Mountain time on Tuesdays

New to this meeting?

  • You can join up to 10 minutes early. If you try to join the meeting at any other time, you will get an error that the meeting doesn't exist.
  • Prior to joining the meeting for the first time, run the MeetingPlace Test to verify that you can participate in a web meeting.

Purpose of the meeting

  • To forge solutions with other community contributors.
  • To discuss content, community, best practices, current issues, and strategy.

Be bold! Post your agenda items!

Feel free to post on the agenda any items you wish to discuss during the meeting. If your item requires details or feedback, post them on the discussion page and link to them from the agenda.

Introduce new members[edit | edit source]

Kudos go to ...[edit | edit source]

  • Jane and Nathan for their help with the Williamson County page - thanks from Lise!

Announcements/Business[edit | edit source]

  • New name for this meeting?
  • Update on Riverton meeting on Saturday?

Forums Overview[edit | edit source]

Be part of the solution! Make your opinions known! Post comments to an existing thread or start a new discussion at Wiki Contributors Corner forum.
Current forum threads of interest:


New since last week

  • Wiki Talk — Dialogue summary: Need for your input
    • Creating a summary of the dialogue from Forums and meetings. Need your ideas and suggestions
  • Question of procedure and policy
    • Question arose about procedures when much information may be wrong or offensive (Using American Indian example)
    • Suggestion: contact the project manager (Jimmy Parker in this case)
    • The Wiki is all about making additions/corrections
    • User decided to make changes (did not mention contacting the project leader
  • Citations
    • Wants Community guidelines for citing sources in the Wiki
    • A person is digesting what is written and needs updating
    • The Utah page has a good example. So does State of Franklin
    • Comment: There are quite a few different citation styles.... subsequent users can edit the citations if necessary. Don't make it an issue
    • Comment: it should be clear that the form of the citation is not as important as the content
    • Comment: Advanced professionals need great citation guidelines
    • Suggestion: Inform writers of purpose, where guidelines are found, at least type out the basics that others can fix
  • Weekly Thumbs up, Thumbs Down Report
  • English Contributors
    • Who is being invited to submit? Few contributors for England.
    • Suggested the person and others in England start
    • Suggested that they start with digitized records for England on

Comments added since last week

Outstanding discussion items (Forum issues, Policies/Manual of Style, etc.)

Project Help Requests[edit | edit source]

Need help with your project? See a project that needs to be done? Add it here:

Offers of Help[edit | edit source]

User Offer Requests Done
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Training Requests[edit | edit source]

What would you like to learn how to do?

Improve the Wiki[edit | edit source]

Thumbs up/down ratings[edit | edit source]

Moderators and Adopters[edit | edit source]

  • What do you think about asking adopting organizations to select a Wiki Trainer...?
  • What are the main 3-5 messages that are important to leave with an organization when we partner with them, as they are getting started?

[edit | edit source]