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Following is a list of the "Library Class" branches of the FamilySearch library system, which includes the world-renowned Family History Library in Salt Lake City.

"Library Class" is defined as having a larger facility and are generally complete with a dedicated internal computer server and a computer catalog or card catalog of their collection. These branch libraries have dedicated book collections in the thousands, microfilm & microfliche in the tens of thousands, dozens of internet connected computers and microfilm & microfliche readers and some digital scanners. All have dedicated servers with DSL, cable or T-1 internet access. In addition all have at least one multi-use classroom, and several research areas.

These branch libraries have a dedicated non-paid full-time TFH Consultants - Center (usually a husband/wife team) and dozens of volunteer staff. In many cases non-Church member volunteers serve from the community. Local genealogy groups often support these library facilities.

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