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Presentation on how to index this project.

Q. The original town/city name is crossed out and the precinct is written in. Do we index the original town/city name?A. Enter the crossed out information in this case.

Q. Because El Paso is both a city and a county, Should El Paso be indexed in both Death City or Town or just Death County?  A. The Basic Guidelines say when in doubt, index in the lower locality, so index in the Death City or Town field.

Q. In the box for Place of Death: City or Town, they wrote "Rural Georgetown." Should I index "Rural Georgetown" or just "Georgetown"?  A. Do not index rural, near, precinct or similar terms in this field.

Q. When a document has three different registered numbers; one is handwritten, one has five printed numbers, one has four printed numbers, which of these three should I use? A. If there is more than one stamped number, use the greater number. (Use the Basic Guidelines for crossed out information in this field.)

Q. How do I index Montery N L?  A. Monterrey, is the capital city of the state of Nuevo León in the country of Mexico. Follow the field helps to determine what to enter in each requested field.

Q. How do I index "near Weston"? A. Weston - near and similar terms are not indexed.

Q. How do I index Maria Vda de Munoz. A. Given Name: Maria - Surname: Munoz - Do not index Vda de (widow of)

Q. What do I do with a Notice of Removal  A. Example from the Field Help/Project Instructions.

Q. How do I index the surname Oliver (Buddy)  A. Oliver or Buddy - When quotes or parentheses are used to indicate an alias or other name, use the word "or" between the names.

Q. How do I index certificates that have two, four digit stamped numbers?  A. When there is not a five digit stamped number use the stamped number in the top right corner located in the Registrars's No. field.

Q. "Infant of Mr and Mrs B. B. Enderle" Do I index the name of "Enderle" as the surname of the deceased infant.  A. No. Mark the field <Blank>.

Q. If only the mother's maiden name is recorded, should I add her husband's surname to her maiden name?  A. No, unless the name is written in the field, we do not assume that information.

Q. There is no field for titles or terms. How is a married female name indexed when only the husband's name is recorded on the document?  A. When a woman's name is recorded with her husband's name instead of her own (such as Mrs. John White), look throughout the record to see if her given name is included elsewhere. If so, index the most complete name that is recorded (such as Amanda White). Otherwise, index the man's given name and surname to allow the researcher to better find the record.  Do not index titles or terms such as "Mrs." in either the Given Name or Surname field.

Q: The batch I have has a four digit certificate number. Should I enter the four digit number or place a zero in front of it?
A: No, even though the Field Helps say it’s a 5 digit number you type the certificate number as it is typed or stamped on the record. (FH) This is as per the Basic Indexing Guidelines and “type what you see”.

Q: If precinct # is given with the city following, do I use the city name or leave it blank as for precinct?
A: If the city name and a precinct number were both included in the City or Town field on the form, index only the city name. If the field contains only the precinct number, press Tab to skip this field. (Field Help)

Q. If the deceased is a stillborn infant and the name is recorded as "Baby Surname", should that be indexed as a blank first name and the actual surname?
A: Yes, you would leave the given name blank as the word “Baby”, is a Term and would be indexed in the Titles & Terms field, this project does not have that field.(Basic Indexing Guidelines-Names)

Q: For stillborn infants, should the death date be used for the birth date if the birth date was left blank or should the birth date be left blank?
A: No you do not use the Death date for the Birth date, if the birth date was not recorded you should tab over these fields (Month,Day,Year). (Field Helps)

Q: For stillborn infants, should age be indexed as 0 if it is blank?
A: If less than one year was recorded or a child was stillborn, index the age as 0