FamilySearch Indexing: US, Texas—Birth Records, 1903-1934, Overview

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Sample Images

Skill Level:

  • The skill level for this project will be posted in the download batch window.

Characteristics of This Project

  • Only records with birth information are to be indexed in this project.
  • Some of the birth records are amendments to the previous record. Index any information. Do not correct the information on the original certificate.
  • Amendments are corrections or additions to a birth certificate. Index the information on the amendment into a separate record. Do not add the information to the birth certificate record. Do not mark an amendment as a duplicate or blank.
  • Marriage and death records may be mixed in with the birth records. If a death or marriage record is encountered, do not index it. Mark all death and marriage records as No Extractable Data Image in the Image Type field.
  • Certificates are generally one record per image.
  • Batches contain 20 images each.  

Description of the Records

  • There are both birth certificates and amendments
  • Most records were handwritten. 
  • Records are on forms
  • There are many different styles of records. Look carefully to locate the information for each field to be indexed.

Additional Information  

Access Restriction

  • The completed index will be freely accessible online to the general public when the collection is published. The digital images will be accessible to active FamilySearch account holders once an authentication system is put in place on Record Search. Until authentication is available, the images will not be accessible.