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Q: If Enlisted is crossed off and Mustered is written, do we use the Mustered date?

Q: If alternate names are at the bottom of the card ex: Probably (a name), do we index these with OR?

A: The field help for Surname gives some insight:

Near the bottom of the image, often in the area labeled 'Remarks,' there may be a variance of the name. Index both surnames separated by the word 'OR.' For example, if the name “David Hansen” is found in the Name field and “See David Hanson” in the Remarks field, the surname would be indexed as, Hansen OR Hanson.

Update: I thought this was the updates page for US Maine WW 1 Draft 1917-1919, because the indexing program for my batch in said project linked to this page.  it was pointed out to me that this is the page for a different project.  My apologies- I don't know if field help for this project says the same  thing or not.

Q: If two enlistment dates are recorded, which one do we use?

Q: If place of residence says Dallas Pl, do we expand it to Dallas Plantation?

Q: If place of residence says Quota of (name of town), do we index Quota?

Q: If there is no relative listed but the Relationship says, "wife + 3 children", do we mark blank, or how would we index, "wife and 3 children" or "wife" or "wife 3 children"?