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Question: In Hawaii obituaries, is there a specific way to index "Hanai" family members?

Answer: Yes, treat them as you would any family relationship. Note that in the project instructions, it says, "Index the relationship of the relative to the deceased using the most appropriate term from the dropdown list. If the exact term is not on the dropdown list, use the term that is most similar." This instruction also applies to family relationships formed through adoptions.

Question: PA Obit Project If there is a township listed as place of death or birth and it is in the lookup list, do we index the word TOWNSHIP? On most projects, we do not include township, is this project the exception?

Answer: No, this project is not an exception. Please do not index the word township.

Question: Some of the obituaries are in German? What should we do with these?

Answer: Note this statement from the project instructions: "Some obituaries in this project are in German or Russian. Do not index these obituaries. If an image has only images in German or Russian, it should be marked as a No Extractable Data Image in the Image Type field. These obituaries will be indexed later in a different indexing project."

Question: My image has multiple obituaries and funeral notices. The officiators on two of the notices are the same. The deceased are different people. For example: Father Edward Schnur is listed on a funeral notice for Mr. Allison and a separate funeral notice for Mr. McDonald.

Do I index Father Schnur just once or should I index him for each separate funeral notice?

Answer: Index the name just once. Please note this statement from the project instructions: "If a person’s name appears multiple times on a record, index the name only one time."

Question: I have a batch that consists of 3 index card images. Each card is for a different person and shows family tree information for that person but no death dates are recorded. Does this batch have no data to index?

Answer: It's hard to judge without seeing the image in question. Note that only death records are to be indexed in this project. However, not all death records include an actual death date. So you will have to use your best judgment. If you are not sure, you can share the batch with an experienced indexer or arbitrator. For the most part, though, you will be able to identify death records quite easily.

Question: If there is no place of death recorded, can I use the place of burial?

Answer: No. Index only the place of death, if one was recorded. Otherwise, press Tab to skip the fields for the place of death.