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Indexing Surnames

Sometimes a child was not claimed by his or her mother or father, so the civil authority assigned given names and a surname to the child and listed those names in the birth record. Later, a mother or father came forward and claimed the child. When the parent claimed the child, the mother's or father's name was recorded as a note in the margin of the birth record.

When you see these notes added to a birth record, index the surname that the civil authority assigned to the child. Do not index the mother’s or father’s surnames as the child's surname, but do index the parents’ names in the proper fields for the parents’ names and surnames.

No Names

If any form of “N.,” “N,” “N. N.,” “Enne,” or “Nessun Nome” was recorded in place of the child's name, press Ctrl+B to mark the Child’s Given Names field as blank.

Italian birth record example: Child legitimized by the later marriage of his parents.

Indexing OverlaysExample

Indexing a Mother's Maiden Name - Example

Form Types - Pre-printed forms may be indexed by those who carefully study how to read them. Hand written forms and all arbitration are best done by those with native Italian language abilities. To see a list of projects and their instructions, click the Overview tab.

For information on how to index records, see the Additional Helps tab.

Apostrophe - Do not include a space before or after an apostrophe.  Example - D’Azeglio

Banns  - Please remember not to index marriage banns. If an image only contains marriage banns, mark the image as a No Extractable Data Image. If the image includes other records as well as marriage banns, just ignore the marriage banns as you index the other records on the image.

Names - Modifiers - Example

Names - Do not expand abbreviated names. For example, do not change "Ant" to Antonio or "Gio Batt" to Giovanni Battista. Index the name as it was written in the record.
Not expanding abbreviations increases the integrity of the original record and speeds up the indexing process. Searching capabilities in will allow researchers to use the index to locate an ancestor, even if the ancestor's name is abbreviated in the index.

Titles - How to index a name that includes a title - Example

Record Adjusted or Corrected (Rettificia)  - Corrected records - Example

Also Known As  - When the individual is known by another name... - Example

Birth Month - The birth month may be different than the record month - Example

Crossed out records  - Index all crossed out records - Example

Indexes  - Do not index this type of document. Mark No Extractable Data - Example

Priority Italian Projects: Italy, Napoli—Atti de Nascita, 1809-1865
Italia, Cuneo, Mondovì—Nati, 1864–1899
Italia, Firenze, Prato—Stato Civile, 1892–1900
Italia, Mantova—Stato Civile, 1806-1815
Italia, Messina, Messina—Nati, 1888–1900
Italia, Torino, Torino—Nati, 1894–1899
Italy, Napoli, Quartiere S. Ferdinando - Nati 1809-1865