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Record Content

United States Registers of Enlistment in the U.S. Army (10-0709) DGS 4719503 291.jpg
The following information is generally found in these records:
  • Name of enlistee
  • Age at time of enlistment
  • Birthplace
  • Date of enlistment
  • Enlistment place
  • Occupation
  • Physical description (eye color, hair color, complexion, and height)
  • Rank, company, and regiment
  • Date and cause of discharge

Record History

The Regular Army is comprised of career soldiers and is maintained through peacetime. Therefore, this database will not usually include individuals who enlisted as part of a reserve or during wartime for limited periods of time, or in a military unit raised by a state. Data in these registers was compiled from a variety of other military records, including enlistment papers, muster rolls, and unit records.

For more helpful historical information about this project, visit the Historical Records page.

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