English to Danish Genealogical Words beginning with N

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English Danish
name navn
named, is hedder
named, the name navnet
namely nemlig
naval, navy marine
near, close nær
neighbor nabo
neighborhood, neighboring place omegn
neighboring omboende
neither heller
nephew nevø
never aldrig
new ny
new year nytaar
next, neighbor næste
niece niece
night nat
night watchman natvægter
night watchman vægter
no nej
no, none, neither, nothing intet
nobility adel
noble adelig
noble ædel
noble and welborn højædle og velbaarne
noble, wellborn velborn
nobleman adelsmand
none ingen
noon middag
north nord
Norway Norge
Norwegian Norsk
not ej
not ikke
November November
now nu
number nummer
number, count antal
number, count tal