English to Danish Genealogical Words beginning with I

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English Danish
I, self, ego jeg (ieg)
if, about om
if, whose hvis
illegal lovstridende
illegitimate daughter slagfredsdatter
illegitimate son slagfredssøn
illigitimate uægte
immigrant indvandrer
immigration indvandring
in behalf of vegne
in the same place ibidem ib, ibid (Latin)
in the year (of) anno (Latin)
in the year of (our) Lord anno domini (Latin)
in, at, to, into i
index register
infant, baby spædbarn
infant, child infans (Latin)
infantryman grenader
inherit arve
inheritance arv
innkeeper beværter
innkeeper gæstgiver
innkeeper kromand
innkeeper værthusholder
inquired forespurgt
insanity, madness galskab
intellect, mind forstand
introduced in church after childbirth introduceret
inventory and appraisal registering og vurdering
is supported by forsørges af
is sustained lever
is, are er
it, that, the det