English to Danish Genealogical Words beginning with A

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English Danish
the Danish letter Aa or Å Aa or Å
a, one, someone, somebody et, en
about this herom
about, almost omtrent
about, approximately omkring
about, around, round about circa (Latin)
above mentioned ovenmeldte, ovennævnte
above, upstairs oppe
abrev. dominica dom
abrev. for royal Kgl.
abreviation for dreng (boy) dr.(dreng)
abscess byld
absent fraværende
absolution (to give) absolvere
according to ifølge
account regnskab
actual egentlige
address addresse
adjutant adjudant
adultery hor
after efter
after post, p. (Latin)
after his death efter hans salig
afternoon eftermiddag
again igen
against imod
against, ban, prohibit forbyde, forbuden
age aetas (aetatis) (Latin)
age alder
all alt
all samtlige
all alle
all fields alle felter
alms, welfare almisse
also ogsaa
also, as well, likewise ligeledes
always altid
ancestors forfædre
and og
appeared indfandt
appraisers vurderingsmænd
April April
archive arkiv
army arme\'
arrival ankomst
arrivals tilgang
as guardian for the children som formynder for børnene
as guardian for the minor children som værge for de umyndige børn
assistant medhjelper
at this place paa stedet
at, by, on ved
attained (age) fyldt
August August
aunt tante
aunt, father’s sister faster
aunt, mother’s sister moster