English Phonetic Surname Aliases 1750 to 1800, Surnames M

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This information was originally extracted for the Family History Department from the will indexes of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury by volunteers in 1984.  Feel free to add others you have found.


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Madan Maden
Madden Mannen
Madden Manning
Maddern Maddron
Maddick Maddock
Maddin Madden
Maddock Maddox
Maddon Madden
Maddox Madox
Madgam Majom
Maerbeck Mayorback
Mafeit Maffatt
Mafet Moffett
Maffey Maffee
Maffot Moffatt
Maga Mcgee
Magalert Mcgalet
Magath Magrath
Magdalene Magdalen
Magduel Mcdowel
Magduel Mcdowell
Magee Mcgee
Magee Mackee
Magellan Magalhaens
Magg Maggs
Maggett Maggott
Maggowan Mcgown
Magill Mcgill
Magines Mcginnis
Maginnis Mcginnis
Magra Mcgras
Magrath Magrah
Magrath Mcgra
Magretten Mcgraten
Maguire Mcguire
Maguyer Maguire
Mahany Mahony
Mahar Maher
Maher Marrs
Mahon Mcmahon
Mahon Mahone
Mahony Mahone
Mahoney Mcmahoney
Mahoney Mahony
Mahoney Marney
Maiben Macben
Maichen Machen
Mailleboue Maillebiou
Mailsbury Molesbury
Mailtwoua Maittwoua
Main Mean
Main Maine
Mair Myers
Mairs Miers
Majom Madjam
Major Mejor
Major Majoor
Makeings Makins
Maken Mackie
Maken Meken
Maker Maugher
Makettrick Mackittrick
Makings Makins
Makins Maikins
Makrobe Macrobie
Malbon Malburn
Malcolm Mccallum
Malcom Malcomb
Malcomb Malcorn
Maldin Malden
Malerbe Malherbe
Mallack Mallett
Mallard Mallett
Mallard Mallord
Mallet Mallett
Mallin Mallen
Malon Malone
Maloney Malone
Malony Marony
Malony Mallona
Mallony Maly
Malley Milley
Man Mann
Managhan Moynahan
Manakee Manneke
Mander Mande
Mandrell Maundrell
Manen Manning
Maneypeney Maneypenny
Mangan Margan
Maning Manning
Manktellow Mancktellow
Mann Man
Mann Meen
Mannahan Manning
Manning Maning
Mansel Mansell
Mansell Mansels
Mansergh Manger
Manson Magnesson
Mantill Mantle
Manuel Manning
Mapleson Mapplestone
Marcer Mercer
March Marsh
Marchant Merchant
Marcus Marquis
Marden Merdon
Mare Mears
Mare Mayor
Marett Merrit
Margaret Marcarett
Margaret Margrat
Margetts Margarets
Mariott Marritt
Mariver Mckiver
Mariver Mcriver
Marke Marks
Markey Marky
Markham Malcom
Markland Martland
Marks Martis
Markum Markham
Maroney Morony
Marow Marah
Marrack Meyrick
Marrah Marah
Marrat Marat
Marrett Marret
Merrett Marrett
Merritt Marriett
Merit Marriot
Marriott Marriot
Marris Marriss
Marrs Marr
Marry Murry
Marsh Mersh
Marsh Mash
Marshall Marshal
Marshall Martial
Marshman Meshman
Martain Martin
Marten Martin
Martens Martirs
Martin Marden
Martin Martyn
Martine Martin
Martineau Martino
Martland Martlin
Martlin Martlen
Martone Martin
Martyn Martin
Marven Marvin
Marvill Marvel
Marwick Marr
Marwick Mar
Marzden Mazdon
Mascole Maskell
Mash Marsh
Mashman Marshman
Maskall Marskall
Maskall Maskell
Mason Masson
Mason Merson
Mason Manson
Massey Massie
Masson Mason
Massterman Masterman
Master Masters
Masters Marsters
Maszdin Mazdin
Maszdin Masden
Mather Mathers
Mather Mayder
Mather Maither
Matherson Matheson
Matheson Mathison
Mathew Mathaw
Mathews Mathewes
Mathews Mathurst
Mathews Matees
Mathias Matthias
Mathies Mathias
Mathis Mathews
Mathison Matthson
Mathison Matthewson
Mattheus Mathews
Matthews Mathias
Matthewson Mathewson
Matthey Mattey
Matthias Mathier
Mattingly Mattingley
Matton Multon
Mauckinson Mochison
Mauger Major
Mauguay Mugway
Maule Mall
Maule Moll
Maurice Marris
Maurice Morice
Maver Mavor
Maver Meaver
Mawburn Mebraham
Mawley Marley
Maxwell Maxfild
Maybee Maybe
Maver Mayo
Mayers Myers
Maygren Maygreen
Mayhar Mahar
Maynad Maynard
Maynard Maynar
Maynard Mesnard
Mayne Maine
Mayor Mayors
Mays Maize
Maz Mariz
Mazey Meazey
Mazey Mozey
Mc surnames See below
Mekenzie Mckenzie
Mead Meads
Meade Mead
Meadley Medley
Meadus Meadows
Meakings Mekings
Mealy Mealey
Meares Meeres
Mearns Marnes
Mearns Nairns
Mears Marin
Mears Meers
Mears Mares
Mears Meares
Meason Mason
Meburn Mayburne
Meccue Mcclew
Meckcolestar Mackalester
Medcalf Metcalf
Meddis Meadows
Medhurst Meadows
Medlamd Medland
Medlicott Medlycott
Medlin Midland
Medmore Madmore
Medows Meadows
Meeds Meads
Meek Meak
Meek Meeke
Meek Mreek
Meekens Mekens
Meekeren Mekeren
Meeres Mears
Meers Meer
Meffan Muffin
Meffin Miffin
Megarry Megary
Mehew Meyhew
Mehrtens Mahrtens
Meiche Michie
Meickel Michael
Meik Meek
Mein Main
Mekenzie Mckenzie
Meland Melland
Melborn Melborne
Meldram Meldrum
Melker Melkar
Mellin Mellon
Mellor Miller
Melville Melvill
Menaee Menzies
Menzee Menzies
Menzes Menzies
Merchant Marchant
Meredith Merridy
Merewether Mereweather
Mergey Margay
Mergin Mergan
Merideth Meredith
Merifield Merryfield
Merlin Marlin
Merret Merrett
Merrick Marcks
Merrieat Mariot
Marriott Merriott
Merritt Merritt
Merritt Merrett
Merryfield Merifield
Mersen Merssen
Meruyn Mervyn
Meryweather Merryweather
Mesenger Messenger
Mesh Marsh
Mesquetta Mesquitta
Messam Massam
Messer Meser
Messervy Messervey
Messey Meassey
Messinger Messenger
Metcalf Meacalf
Metcalfe Metcalf
Metch Meach
Metherall Matheral
Method Matthod
Metyard Meatyard
Meur Muir
Meyess Moyes
Meyher Maghar
Micar Mccarr
Michal Michael
Michell Mitchell
Michell Mitchill
Michie Mackay
Michljohn Micklejohn
Mickael Michael
Mickeljohn Micklejohn
Mickell Meckle
Mickeson Mickison
Mickie Mackey
Middelton Middleton
Middlemess Middlemas
Middlemiss Middlemass
Middlernis Middlernist
Middleton Middlton
Midgley Miggle
Midleton Middleton
Melbourne Milbourne
Mihil Miles
Mikeson Mickison
Mikison Meikieson
Mikleson Michelson
Miler Miller
Miles Mills
Milet Millett
Milkin Milking
Mill Mills
Millar Miller
Millard Milard
Millard Miller
Millbank Milbank
Millberg Milberg
Milldrulm Meldrum
Mille Milne
Millen Mullen
Millen Mcmillun
Miller Millar
Miller Miler
Miller Millor
Miller Millier
Miller Millar
Milles Miles
Millet Millett
Millican Melican
Millikan Millkis
Millner Milne
Millner Milner
Millroy Milroy
Mills Millis
Mills Miles
Mills Milles
Mills Mill
Millward Milward
Millward Miller
Miln Mill
Milne Mill
Milne Melne
Milne Mylne
Milne Mills
Milner Miller
Milrea Milrey
Mils Mills
Milstone Milestone
Milton Melton
Milward Mallward
Mims Mems
Minchen Minchin
Minchener Minchiner
Miners Minors
Minet Minuet
Mingo Mingle
Minikan Melliken
Minty Mintey
Miria Murrie
Miskin Miskell
Missett Missatt
Mitchel Mitchell
Mitchell Michell
Mitchell Mitchael
Mitchell Micheli
Mitchelson Mitchell
Mitton Milton
Mkeand Mackarnd
Moar Moore
Moaroney Morroney
Moars Mears
Moarse Morse
Mofat Moffat
Moffatt Moffott
Moffatt Moffitt
Moffatt Moffett
Moffett Moffatt
Mogarage Mogridge
Moggeridge Moggridge
Mojger Major
Mol Moll
Molby Malby
Mole Mould
Molison Mollison
Mollet Mullin
Mollet Mullet
Mollin Mullins
Monday Munday
Money Mooney
Money Monny
Monfort Montfort
Monger Mungo
Monk Munk
Monks Monk
Monnery Monery
Monro Munroe
Monro Munro
Monroe Monro
Monsey Monsa
Montague Montagu
Montay Mountain
Montgomerie Montgomery
Montiesh Monteth
Montieth Mantieth
Moodey Moody
Moodie Moody
Moodie Mudie
Mooney Mahoney
Moooly Mulley
Moor Moore
Moore Muir
Moore More
Moore Moor
Moores Moore
Mooudy Moody
Moran Moren
Moran Moring
Morarty Morartie
Mordaunt Murdon
Mordaunt Mordank
Mordin Moardin
More Mow
Morecock Moorcock
Morefield Morfield
Moreland Moorland
Moress Morris
Morewood Moorwood
Morewood Morwood
Morey Moorey
Morgan Morgain
Morganes Morgans
Morgin Morgan
Morgy Morgey
Morhen Morehen
Morice Morris
Moris Morris
Morish Morrish
Morison Morrison
Morland Moorland
Morle Moriel
Morlee Moralee
Morloss Murles
Morpas Morpeth
Morrall Morrell
Morrell Morell
Morrell Morall
Morrell Merrill
Morres Morris
Morrey Murry
Morrey Morey
Morries Morris
Morrin Mooring
Morris Morrice
Morris Morice
Morris Moris
Morris Morish
Morris Moth
Morris Morrison
Morris Morres
Morris Morrish
Morrison Morison
Morrison Molleson
Morrison Morison
Morriss Morris
Morrisson Morrison
Morry Morey
Morse Moss
Morsh Morch
Mork Mort
Moot Mott
Mortan Moreton
Mortan Morton
Morten Moreton
Mortimore Motrimer
Mortlock Mortlake
Morton Morthen
Morton Moreton
Morwick Merick
Moseh Moses
Moslsly Mosely
Mosley Moseley
Moss Mass
Moss Morse
Mosshead Moshead
Mosson Morson
Mothram Hottrom
Mottley Mottly
Mottram Hottram
Mottream Motteram
Mouat Mowatt
Mouat Muat
Mouat Mouart
Mouat Mowat
Mouat Mowatt
Moudie Moody
Mould Mole
Moulder Moulders
Moulds Mouel
Moule Mould
Moull Moul
Moullin Mullen
Moulln Mullen
Mouls Moulds
Mounkfort Mountfort
Mountford Munford
Mountfort Mumford
Mountgomery Montgomery
Mountney Mounteny
Mountsey Mounsey
Mousenbroek Moesenbrouck
Mowatt Mowat
Mowtlow Motlow
Mowtrie Moutrie
Mowttlow Mowtlow
Moxam Moxham
Moxey Moxley
Moyett Myatt
Moylan Milan
Moyle Mull
Moyle Miles
Moys Moyes
Muby Munby
Muckalt Muckle
Muckett Magult
Muckle Meikle
Muckleston Muccleston
Mucklewin Mucklewain
Mugford Mudford
Muglistone Mugglestone
Mugridge Mugredge
Muhl Mull
Muir Mair
Muirhead Murehead
Muldoon Mulsden
Mules Mills
Mulharen Mulheren
Mull Mill
Mullaidy Melody
Mullan Mullins
Mullan Mullen
Mullegan Mulgan
Mullenard Meullenear
Mullenard Meulenear
Mullens Mullins
Muller Miller
Mullett Mollett
Mullews Mullens
Mullings Mullen
Mullins Mullen
Mullins Mullens
Mullitt Mullett
Mulloney Malloney
Mullony Maloney
Mullowny Molony
Mullraney Mullvana
Mulock Mullock
Mulrea Mulray
Mulvena Mcvanner
Mumford Mountford
Mumford Monford
Mun Mund
Mundall Mundell
Munday Monday
Mundee Munddee
Mundy Munday
Munke Monke
Munn Mun
Munn Monn
Munro Monro
Munro Munrow
Munsey Mouncy
Munslow Monslow
Munt Monk
Munton Mountinal
Murdey Merden
Murdoch Murdock
Murdock Murdoch
Murdock Murdohe
Murdock Mordack
Murey Murray
Murffey Moffat
Murfin Murphy
Murfy Murphy
Murney Marney
Murpey Murphy
Murphey Murphy
Murphy Murphey
Murray Mury
Murray Murry
Murray Murrey
Murrell Morrell
Murrey Murray
Murrey Morrey
Murrifield Merrifield
Murrihy Murray
Murry Murray
Murry Murrey
Murry Murphy
Murry Murray
Musgrave Musgrove
Mushelson Muhelson
Musqet Muskett
Musslewhite Mussleivaite
Myddleton Myddelton
Myears Myres
Myers Miers
Myler Meyler
Myles Smiles
Mynshal Mynshall

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