English Phonetic Surname Aliases 1750 to 1800, Surnames C

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This information was originally compiled for the Family History Department/Family History Library from the will indexes of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury by volunteers in 1984.  Feel free to add others you have found.


Known Spelling
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Cadd Kadd
Caddington Carrington
Caden Kedden
Cafe Carfe
Caffry Cofferey
Caffyn Coffyn
Cain Kien
Cain Kane
Cain Kain
Cain Cane
Cain Keane
Cain Kain
Cain Kien
Caine Cain
Caines Canes
Cairns Carnes
Cakett Cackett
Calaghan Kellyhan
Calbrath Calbreath
Calcraft Colcraft
Caldwell Calwall
Caldwell Calwell
Cale Call
Calendar Callender
Calenzo Callenso
Calf Medcalf
Callaghan Callagan
Callaghan Callahan
Callaghan Kellihore
Callaghan Callahan
Callahan Kellehan
Callaker Keyliker
Callander Kalender
Callard Called
Callaughan Callahan
Callaway Callway
Callender Chandler
Calley Mccarley
Callon Carlon
Callow Kellows
Callum Mccallum
Cally Crawley
Cally Kelly
Calmuck Carmuck
Calter Coltar
Calthorpe Calthorp
Calvert Calvet
Cambel Campbell
Cambele Campbell
Camber Chambers
Cambl Campbell
Cambridg Cambridge
Camel Campbell
Cameron Cammeron
Camfeilld Campfield
Camfield Canfield
Campbell Campwell
Campbell Cample
Campell Campbell
Campin Campion
Campling Camplin
Canady Cennedy
Cane Kaine
Canell Cinnell
Canes Caines
Cann Mcgann
Cann Scan
Cannall Cannell
Cannan Cannon
Cannell Connell
Cannington Kennington
Cannon Cannam
Cante Canty
Canter Caunter
Cantle Kentall
Cantril Canteril
Cantwell Cenfield
Canty Kenty
Capelin Caplen
Capon Chapone
Caray Keary
Carbay Carberry
Carbey Kerby
Carden Carding
Carees Carless
Careless Carless
Carelton Cauton
Carey Cery
Carless Careless
Carley Mackarley
Carley Mccalley
Carley Mccauley
Carlie Carlisle
Carlei Carlill
Carlin Curling
Carling Carlin
Carlow Karlow
Carmody Connody
Carnal Carnell
Carneggy Corniguy
Carnes Kearns
Carney Kerney
Carnochan Canahan
Carns Kearns
Carovan Kirvan
Carr Ker
Carr Kerr
Carrell Mccarroll
Carrell Carroll
Carrell Mccarroll
Carrelles Carloss
Carreyer Cryer
Carrie Corrie
Carroll Mccarroll
Carruthers Crouthers
Carruthers Carothers
Carry Keary
Carsalles Consalles
Carsels Castle
Carsills Castle
Carson Cawson
Carter Mccarty
Carter Carty
Carter Mccarty
Carter Cartar
Carterit Cartwright
Carthy Mccarthy
Carting Keating
Cartrick Carttrick
Cartwright Cartwrigt
Caress Carless
Cary Carey
Casbolt Casbold
Casedey Cassedy
Caseley Kearsley
Casell Castle
Casely Ceazley
Casey Cassey
Cashwell Keswell
Cassey Casey
Castle Carsels
Castone Cawstone
Cates Keates
Catherine Katherine
Catlow Cattlow
Caton Keating
Caton Keaton
Cattle Cattol
Caufield Caulfield
Caun Mccann
Caunter Cuenter
Cavanagh Cavendish
Cavanaugh Kavanaugh
Cavannaugh Cavanaugh
Cavender Taverner
Cavit Makevit
Cawley Colley
Cawthorn Cawthron
Cawthorn Cathorn
Cayley Caley
Ceary Keary
Ceary Cearey
Ceasar Cezar
Ceats Keats
Ceeney Sennoy
Celson Kelson
Centiberry Sinderby
Cery Carey
Chadbourn Chilbourn
Chadd Chedd
Chaddock Shaddock
Chaff Chaffe
Chain Chyne
Chair Chaire
Chaistain Christian
Chalkin Charkin
Challies Chellice
Challinges Challings
Chalmer Chalmers
Chalmers Chalmes
Chalmers Chambers
Chaloner Chandler
Chaman Charman
Chambelen Chamberlan
Chambers Chalmers
Chambrier Lechambrier
Champman Chapman
Channoweth Chenowth
Chaphill Chappill
Chapland Chaplan
Chaplen Chaplin
Chaplin Chapman
Chaplin Chaplain
Chapone Capon
Chappell Chappill
Charleton Charlton
Charlotte Sharlott
Charman Chaman
Charsley Chearsley
Chase Chace
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Claden Kladen
Cladinbold Claringboole
Clancy Clinsey
Clandel Clandon
Clapam Clapham
Claperson Capeson
Clare Clear
Clark Clerk
Clark Clarke
Classon Clawson
Clavill Clevill
Claypitt Cleypit
Clayter Clayton
Clayton Cleaton
Clean Lean
Clear Cleary
Cleat Cleet
Cleaverly Cleverly
Cleim Climin
Clements Clemens
Clement Clemons
Clements Klemon
Clemet Clements
Cleminson Clementson
Clemmans Clemman
Clery Cleary
Cleveland Clevland
Clewer Cluer
Clewies Clues
Clibra Cliberton
Clidsdall Clisdall
Cline Cloin
Clinnick Clenock
Clipsom Clipson
Clive Clivn
Cloak Cloke
Clogh Clough
Cloke Cloak
Mcclean Mclead
Cloudes Clouds
Clough Cluff
Clounish Clownish
Clussky Glaskey
Coale Coole
Coales Cole
Coalman Colman
Coar Keir
Coar Core
Coaten Coton
Coates Court
Coates Coote
Coatfreeze Curtfrice
Coatham Coltham
Copis Coppis
Cob Cobledick
Cocaran Cocoran
Cochett Cockett
Cochran Corkran
Cock Cocks
Cock Cook
Cock Cox
Cockburn Cogburn
Cockden Cockland
Cocke Cock
Cocker Coker
Cocker Corker
Cockerill Cockrell
Cockern Cockland
Cockery Cockry
Cockett Cochett
Cockham Cocum
Cockirell Cockrill
Cocklin Coughlin
Cocks Cox
Codd Goddschalk
Coddle Condle
Codery Coderoy
Coelman Coleman
Cogan Mcguigan
Coghlan Coughlan
Coghlan Coghland
Coghlin Coughling
Coillian Callian
Colbin Colvin
Colbourn Coulborn
Coldicott Collicott
Coldwell Cornwall
Cole Coles
Coleburch Kilburch
Coleman Colman
Coles Colss
Coley Cowley
Colfer Culfer
Colford Colfort
Coling Collings
Coll Koll
Collence Collins
Colles Collis
Collett Collits
Collett Collitts
Colley Collie
Colley Cawley
Colleyson Collinson
Collie Colley
Collier Collyer
Collin Collins
Collinbourne Collinbourn
Collingdridge Collingridge
Collings Collins
Collins Cullen
Collinson Colles
Collis Colless
Collison Gullichson
Collivoe Collive
Collum Cullom
Colman Coleman
Colmore Culmore
Colquhoun Calquhon
Colson Coulson
Colson Colston
Colwick Collick
Combes Coombes
Combly Cumels
Combridge Coombridge
Combs Coombs
Combs Coomes
Comming Cummings
Comming Cumming
Commins Comyne
Commins Cummins
Compton Cumpton
Comston Crumstone
Conan Cowen
Conbernon Combernon
Condie Condy
Condy Cunde
Coning Coningh
Coningham Cuningham
Conlay Conneily
Connaver Connaway
Connell Cornwell
Connell Cornnell
Connell Conner
Conner Connor
Connody Carmody
Connolly Connelly
Connolly Conolly
Connolly Connelly
Connor Conner
Conolly Conelly
Conway Connoway
Coo Coe
Coock Cook
Coocke Cooke
Cook Cooke
Cook Kock
Cooley Cowley
Cooley Cooney
Coom Cume
Coombes Coomes
Cooper Couper
Cooper Cowper
Cooten Kooten
Cootin Coultin
Cooze Cooz
Coozen Cousin
Cop Cope
Copeland Copland
Copelston Coplestone
Copithorn Copithorne
Copperthnaite Coperthwaite
Coppey Macallpen
Corckford Crockford
Corcoran Cochran
Cordelee Cordine
Cordner Corner
Corduex Cordeux
Corlbreath Culbraith
Corlett Curlipp
Corlett Curlett
Cormack Kormack
Cormick Cornick
Cormick Kormick
Cormick Mccormack
Cornbey Cornbill
Cornelison Neilson
Cornelius Cornellurs
Corner Curnow
Cornford Cornforth
Cornwall Cornwell
Corryton Currington
Corsey Courser
Corssart Corssat
Cosharon Mccoskaran
Cossar Corser
Cossens Cousins
Costen Causton
Cotham Cotton
Cottiss Curtiss
Cottrell Cotterell
Coughlin Cocklin
Coulthurst Colthurst
Councell Counsell
Couper Cowper
Courtis Curtis
Courtland Couty
Cousens Couens
Cousin Coozen
Cousin Cousins
Cousins Cousens
Cousins Cousens
Cousons Couzins
Couttis Curtis
Cowan Kowhan
Cowden Cowie
Cowdrey Cowdry
Cowell Colvill
Cownan Crownin
Cowsell Cousell
Cox Coxhead
Coxed Coxhead
Coyle Kyle
Cradick Craddoc
Cradin Croding
Crag Craig
Cragg Greig
Craig Gregg
Craig Cregh
Cranbie Clanbie
Crandle Crunwell
Crane Crean
Cranford Cranfort
Cras Crass
Crass Grass
Cratie Crotty
Crauford Crawford
Craven Creven
Craweshay Crowshay
Crawford Crowforth
Crawley Cally
Crawley Crowley
Crayman Creman
Creane Green
Creasey Cressy
Creghton Creighton
Creitchton Crichton
Cressy Cresey
Cresuall Creswall
Creswell Cressell
Crew Crow
Crews Cruse
Crichton Creichton
Crichton Crayton
Cripps Crisp
Cripps Crips
Critchell Critell
Croad Craod
Croaker Croker
Crockwill Crockwell
Croer Crower
Croft Crofts
Croke Croak
Crompton Crumpton
Crone Croon
Cronk Cronks
Crook Croock
Crooke Crooks
Croome Crume
Crosbie Crosby
Crosher Crosier
Crosthwaite Croswhite
Crosuell Croswell
Croucher Crucher
Crow Crowe
Crucher Crowcher
Crump Crupe
Crunden Crunding
Crusey Crusoe
Cucco Cuckew
Cullen Colling
Cully Scully
Culver Culverhouse
Cumming Cummings
Cummings Cumyns
Cummings Cummins
Cunegham Cunninghame
Cuningham Cunningham
Cunnold Carnell
Cuppy Cuppyns
Curfy Curphy
Curlice Curtice
Curnow Curnew
Curphey Curfy
Curphy Curphey
Curran Currow
Curredd Current
Currey Currie
Curron Curran
Curry Currie
Curtain Curtin
Curtain Curten
Curtice Curtis
Curties Curtis
Curtis Coutris
Curtis Curtison
Curtis Courtis
Curve Cuve
Curvoun Kirvan
Cushin Qushin
Cusick Cusack
Cusner Cuzner
Cussins Cousins
Cuthbert Cuthbret
Cutter Cutler