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The original content for this article was contributed by The National Institute for Genealogical Studies in June 2012. It is an excerpt from their course English: Occupation Records-Professions and Trades and English: Occupations-Military & Services  by Dr. Penelope Christensen. The Institute offers over 200 comprehensive genealogy courses for a fee ($).


19th and 20th century biographical dictionaries and Who’s Who books cover the sports field very well, an example for cricket (of-course!) is shown below.

CHART: Who’s Who of Cricketers 1984

JUPP, George William
Amateur. b: 14.7.1873 Bloxwich, Staffs. d: 12.4.1945 Wolverhampton. Middle order right-handed batman, bowler
Teams Somerset (1901-07, 5 matches); Scotland (1905-12).
Career batting 11-17-0-209-56-12.29-0-ct 6.
Bowling 244-6-40.66-0-0-3/36.
JUPP, Henry
Professional. b: 19.11.1841 Dorking, Surrey. d: 8.4.1889 Bermondsey. Cousin of W.T. (Surrey) [for whom there is a shorter write-up]. Excellent opening right-hand batsman, right-hand fast round-arm bowler, wicket-keeper, good deep field. Team Surrey (1862-81, 252 matches). Tours Willsher to North America 1868 (not first-class); Grace to Australia 1973/4 (not first-class); Lillywhite to Australia 1876/7. Tests England(1876/7, 2matches).
Career batting 378-692-48-15319-165-23. 78-12-ct 229-st 19
Bowling 316-7-45,14-0-0-3/75
Test batting 2-4-0-68-17.00-0-ct 2
He hit 1,000 runs in a season eight times (best 1,275, av 36,42, in 1874). He was one of the most prolific batsmen of his day and owing to his great defensive powers known as ‘Young Stonewall’.

Some examples of family history sporting articles are for prizefighting, the bare-knuckle precursor of boxing, by Oliver (Old Occupations: Was Your Ancestor a Pugilist? Family Tree Magazine Vol 6 #2, page 4), rugby football history by Jed Smith (Rugby Football Records. Family History News and Digest Vol 13 #3, page 107-109), athletics by Morbey and Lovesey (Was Great-Grandad the ‘Warwickshire Antelope’? Family History News and Digest Vol 13 #3, page 127-129), and biographies of Hampshire huntsmen by Hope (A History of Hunting in Hampshire. Warren and Son, Winchester).


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