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Histories and Tidbits

Elkton is a town in Cecil County, Maryland. The population was 11,893 as of the 2000 census and 14,842 according to current July 2008 census estimates.[1] It is the County seat of Cecil County. It was formerly called Head of Elk because it is located at the head of navigation on the Elk River, which flows into the nearby Chesapeake Bay.

When northern states began to pass more restrictive marriage laws in the early 20th Century, Maryland did not. As a result, a number of Maryland towns near borders with other states became known as places to get married quickly and without many restrictions, or "Gretna Greens".[2]  Elkton, being the northeasternmost county seat in Maryland (and thus closer to Philadelphia, New York, and New England), was particularly popular. It was a notorious Gretna Green for years; in its heyday, in the 1920s and 1930s, it was "the elopement capital of the East Coast" and thousands of marriages were performed there each year.  A 48-hour waiting period was imposed in 1938, but Elkton continued to be a place to marry, and especially elope.[3] Hundreds of people are still married in Elkton each year. [4]

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  1. Big Elk Chapel at Cherry Hill - Big Elk Chapel is at Flounder’s Corner about one mile east of Andora, where Chapel road crosses Gallaher road. It was built in 1877 when a congregation was formed in the neighborhood as a result of a revival conducted by the Rev. John France, who was then pastor of Cherry Hill M. E. Church.[5] Big Elk Chapel Makes History
  2. Hart's Meeting House MSA S 1512-2021 00/59/06/47
  3. Jone's Chapel MSA S 1512-2039 00/59/06/47
  4. Wesley M.E. Church MSA S 1512-2015 00/59/06/47
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  6. Baptist Bible Church 144 Appleton Road Elkton, MD 21921-5022
  7. Christ Presbyterian Church 1552 Singerly Road Elkton, MD 21921-4951
  8. Crouch's Chapel Elkton, MD  MSA S 1512-2034 00/59/06/47
  9. Evangelical Presbyterian Church Singerly Rd. Elkton, MD 21921
  10. Glad Tidings Hall Elkton, MD CE MSA S 1512-2103 00/59/06/48
  11. Immaculate Conception Church 300 Maryland Avenue Elkton, MD 21921-8609 MSA S 1512-2101 00/59/06/48 MSA SC 4602
  12. Methodist Episcopal Church Elkton, MD CE MSA S 1512-2027 00/59/06/47
  13. Moore's Chapel Elkton, MD CE MSA S 1512-2041 00/59/06/47
  14. New Leeds Church Elkton, MD CE MSA S 1512-2011 00/59/06/47
  15. Providence Methodist Elkton, MD CE MSA S 1512-2035 00/59/06/47
  16. Rosebank Elkton, MD CE MSA S 1512-2044 00/59/06/47
  17. Trinity Church Elkton, MD CE MSA SC 2655
  18. Wright's A.M.E. Church Elkton, MD

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