Elkins, Colfax County, New Mexico Genealogy

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Location:                        Northwest Colfax County, in the Vermejo River Valley, at the head of Coleman Canyon near Reed Canyon. 5 miles south of Vermejo Creek. 8 miles from McCrystal Place. 7 miles from Ponil Creek. Upstream from Dawson.

GPS:                                Latitude: 36.87 N; Longitude: - 104.96 W.

Elevation:                          7,382 feet (2,250 meters)

Map:                               Interactive Map.


Post Office:                    Established September 19,1876 to January 10, 1900.

                                       Later mail went to Catskill.


Census Data:                  1900 US Federal Census household summary, click here.

Details:                          Not to be confused with Elkins, Chaves County, New Mexico. Once a cattle ranching and center for stockmen. Two stores, blacksmith, saloon and a Post Office. Abandoned community, now a ghostown. Nothing is left. Andrew R Cameron was the first Postmaster. Probably was named after the Territotial Delegate to the United States Congress 1873 to 1877, Stephen B Elkins, banker and ardent advocate for New Mexico Statehood, Chairman of the Republican National Committee, financier for the Maxwell Land Grant Company, senior member of the Catron & Elkins Law firm in Santa Fe, founder of interstate coal shipping laws, and Harrisons's Secretary of War, and leader of the "Santa Fe Ring"; or, his brother John Elkins, surveyor for the Maxwell Land Grant Company.   Coleman was a short-lived nearby settlement at the mouth of Coleman Canyon. It was started in 1885 also on the Maxwell Land Grant, when many war weary Southerners were seeking new homes in northeastern New Mexico.

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