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This commercial service was developed specifically to support Genealogical Societies. Details are available at easynetsites.com

The Grand Prairie Genealogical Society (Texas) has completed its migraton to Easy Net Site and improvement was positive and dramatic. We'd recomment EasyNetSites to other Societies 

The Detroit Society for Genealogical Research (DSGR) converted our web site to Easy Net Sites (ENS) in 2012.   Site launched with a whole new look and full access within 6 weeks.  The support has been FANTASTIC and the service has matched.   We cannot be more pleased with the move.   ENS is more that a web hosting service.   It offers full web design template and graphic design. The membership file is fully integrated to the site so that any needed "member only" exclusions can easily be applied.   The implementation price and ongoing support cost is extremely affordable!

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