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Early Virginia Religious Petitions, 1774-1802

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Topics of Early Virginia Religious Petitions varied from issues of separation of church and state, the rights of dissenters such as Quakers and Baptists, the sale and division of property in the established church, the dissolution of unpopular vestries and others.

Contents[edit | edit source]

The collection provides searchable access to the petitions' places of origin and a brief summary of each petition's contents, as well as summaries of an additional seventy-four petitions that are no longer extant. Originally published on the Library of Congress American Memory site, these petitions are now only available at the Library of Virginia website.

Index and images from the 423 petitions include:

  • Dates ranging from 1774-1802
  • Petitions from more than 80 counties and cities
  • Summary of the petitions
  • Petitioners' names

Internet address[edit | edit source]

or do a Google search: Early Virginia Religious Petitions

Using this free site[edit | edit source]

The site may also be browsed by date or place. If you know the possible date and place where an ancestor lived in Virginia, you could browse to see if there is a petition with an ancestor's name on it.