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Genealogists in Sweden have submitted family trees to an online database called DISBYT. This database contains 24 million entries of indivuals who lived in Sweden before 1905. Source information to SVAR, and Genline is included where possible as well as 500,000 records from SVAR’s birth record database.

This site may be viewed in English, Swedish, German and Finnish.


  • First and last name
  • Parish
  • District
  • Year of event-birth, marriage, death
  • Submitter information
  • Spouse, parents, children

Internet address

Using the site

  1. Click Disbyt - hitta dina anor
  2. Click on Sök i DISBYT (Search)
  3. Click on Sök i DISBYT again (on the far left)
  4. Enter in your ancestor’s information and then click Sök (Search)
  5. Enter your User Name, and Password and click Log In
  6. Look for possible hits as individuals or as a family


You must be a member of DIS to search Disbyt. There is a $25.00 yearly fee to access Disbyt. With the membership, you can upload your gedcom and have it compared to others already submitted.


  • There are instructions explaining each screen.
  • You can upload your database and they will email you back a list of everyone that matches your database and the likelihood of them being the same individuals.
  • Searches can be narrowed down by parish and time period.