Diocese of York

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Diocese of York
York Minster, Yorkshire.jpg
York Minster
Ecclesiastical Jurisdictions
Province York
Archdeaconries York, Cleveland, East Riding
Legal Jurisdictions
Bishops Court Exchequer and Prerogative Courts of the Archbishop of York

The Diocese of York was at one time very much larger than at present, and covered most of northern England north of the River Trent. The diocese forms part of the Province of York of the England Church Records.

History[edit | edit source]

The diocese was founded in 625. The Diocese of Durham was merged with it from 664 until 678 when Lindisfarne was reinstated.

In 1541, the archdeanery of Richmond, North Yorkshire, which included part of the Yorkshire Dales, North Lancashire (including Furness), the southern part of Westmorland and the ward of Allerdale above Derwent in Cumberland, became part of the new Diocese of Chester. (These areas later became parts of other dioceses.)

In 1836 the western part (corresponding broadly to the West Riding) was split into the Ripon diocese, which has since been subdivided into the Dioceses of Ripon and Leeds (1836), Wakefield (1888) and Bradford (1920).

In 1884 Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire became part of the new Diocese of Southwell, from which Derbyshire was split off again in 1927 to form the Diocese of Derby.

In 1914 the Diocese of Sheffield (covering South Yorkshire) was split off as an independent diocese.

The area of the diocese incorporates:

Archdeaconries and deaneries[edit | edit source]

The diocese is divided into three Archdeaconries containing a total of twenty-one deaneries: