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Bahá'í Faith Records[edit | edit source]

The Bahá'í Faith arrived in 1925 to Denmark. By 2005 there were around 1,251 practicing the faith.[1]

Buddhist Records[edit | edit source]

Buddhism was introduced into Denmark in 1921 and had a revival in 1950's and another in the 1980's. Aarhus University estimated 20,000 practicing Buddhists in Denmark as of 2009.[2]

Catholic Records[edit | edit source]

Hindu Records[edit | edit source]

Most of the 7,500-8,000 Hindus present in Denmark are Indian Nationals living within the country.[3]

Islamic Records[edit | edit source]

There are approximately 320,000 or 5.5% of the people in Denmark who are Muslim as of 2019.[4]

Jewish Records[edit | edit source]

  • For more information about how to obtain records for Jewish denominations, visit these pages: Denmark Jewish Records

Orthodox Records[edit | edit source]

Protestant Records[edit | edit source]

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