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Ecclesiastical Jurisdictions


Also called a bispedømme or diocese, it is the highest church jurisdiction in Denmark. A stift was split into smaller deaneries that were then divided into parishes. The diocese was run by the bishop, who was the spiritual supervisor of all priests.
The diocese kept records such as histories of the parishes/priests, some land records (especially concerning the diocese property), and court records. Marriage records were also kept by the diocese. For additional information about the Danish stift, see this article.

8 Dioceses in 1053 7 Dioceses after the
Reformation, 1520s
12 Dioceses Today
Slesvig Slesvig -
Ribe Ribe Ribe
- - Haderslev
Århus Århus Århus
Viborg Viborg Viborg
Vendsyssel-Thy Aalborg (Vendsyssel) Aalborg
Odense Fyn Fyn
- - Lolland-Falster
Lund - -
Roskilde Sjælland Roskilde
- - København
- - Helsingør
- - Færøerne (Faroe Islands)
- - Greenland