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Denmark Census, 1916
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Record Description
Record Type Census
Collection years: 1916
Language: Danish
Title in the Language: Danmark Folketælling
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Why Should I Look at This Collection?

This collection is an enumeration of all persons in the Kingdom of Denmark on 1 February 1916. If you had an ancestor living in Denmark at this time you should check this census to see where they were living, information about their age, occupation and other members of the family or household.

What is in This Collection?

This is an every-name index to the 1916 census of Denmark. This index was created by MyHeritage from images provided by the National Archives of Denmark.

This census was taken on the first of February for the countries of Denmark, the Faroe Islands, Greenland and the Danish West Indies. The enumeration for Denmark was divided into three sections: Copenhagen city, other cities, and rural areas. This collection includes only the records for Denmark.

The National Archives of Denmark has cataloged this census with Danmarks Statistik (Dennmark Statistical Office) as the responsible government office. More information about the records created by this office can be found at the National Archives of Denmark's online catalog, Daisy.

Reading These Records

These records are written in Danish and German. For help reading these records see the following:

What Can These Records Tell Me?

This census contained two different lists. The main list (Hovedliste) is for persons present at their residence on the date of the enumeration. The second is an abbreviated schedule for persons temporarily present or absent. The main list contains the following information.

Main List

Column (Danish) Column (English) Rural City Copenhagen
Byernes eller Stedernes Navne, Matr.-Nr. Village or place name, tax registration number X
Forhus, Sidehus, Mellembygning, Bagbygn Front house, side house, main building, rear building X X
Familiernes Løbenumre Consecutive family number X X X
Samtlige Personers Navn Persons's name X X X
Kønnet Gender X X X
Fødselsdag og Fødselsaar Birthdate and birth year X X X
Ægteskabelig Stilling Marital status X X X
Fødested Birth place X
Er vedkommendes arbejdsevne varigt forringet paa grund af kronisk sygdom, vanførhed eller anden abnormitet Is this person's ability to work permanently impaired because of chronic illness, disability it or other abnormality X X X
Hvad er årsagen til arbejdsevnen forringelse? What is the cause of the impaired working capability? X X X
Stilling i Familien Position in family X X X
Erhverv Occupation X X X
Navn og Virksomhed Employer and type of business X X X
Anmærkinger Comments X X X

Persons Temporarily Absent

Column Heading (Danish) Column Heading (English) Rural Cities Copenhagen
Forhus, Sidehus, Mellembygning eller Bagbygning. Etage Front house, side house, between or rear building. Floor X X
Stedets Betgnelse Place's Designation X
Personernes Navn Person's Name X X X
Kønnet - Mandkøn (M), Kvindekøn (K) Sex - Male (M), Female (K) X X X
Fødselsaar og Fødselsdag Birth year and birth date X X X
Ægteskabelig Stilling - Ugift (U), Gift (G), Enkem. eller Enke (E), Separeret (S), Fraskilt (F) Marital Status - Unmarried (U), Married (G), Widower or widow (E), Separated (S), Divorced (F) X X X
Stilling i Familien: Husfader, Husmoder, Barn, Slægtning o.l., Tjenestetyende, Pensionær, Logerende Position in the family: head of household, housewife, child, relative and similar, hired help, pensioner, lodger X X X
Erhverv Occupation X X X
Midlertidigt Opholdssted Temporary residence X X X
Anmærkinger Remarks X X X

Collection Content

For additional details about these records and help using them see Denmark, Censuses (FamilySearch Historical Records)

Sample Images

Digital Folder Number List

This collection was published as a DGS numbers | DGS browse collection. A table listing each DGS number and its contents can be found at Denmark Census, 1916 Digital Folder Number List.

How Do I Search This Collection?

You can search the index, view the images or both. Before searching this collection it is helpful to know:

  • The name of the person you are looking for
  • The parish where the person lived

Search the Index

Search by name by visiting the Collection Page.
  1. Fill in the search boxes on the Collection Page with the information you have
  2. Click Search to show possible matches

View the Images

To view images in this collection:
  1. Look at the Denmark Census, 1916 Digital Folder Number List article to determine the folder/film number for the images you want to see
  2. Go to the Browse Page
  3. Select the Film number to view the images

How Do I Analyze the Results?

Compare each result from your search with what you know to determine if there is a match. This may require viewing multiple records or images. Keep track of your research in a research log.

What do I do Next?

I Found the Person I Was Looking For, What Now?

  • Add any new information to your records
  • Check the image the index was taken from to see if there is additional information
  • Make sure to fully transcribe and cite the record entry for future reference; see the section Citing this Collection for assistance. Save or print a copy of the image
  • Use the information to find more. For instance, use the age listed in the record to estimate a year of birth, if that is yet undetermined
  • Use the information to locate the individual in church records, if appropriate

I Can’t Find the Person I’m Looking For, What Now?

  • Consult the Denmark Record Finder to find other records*People enjoyed a higher level of personal mobility in Denmark than in other countries due to the easier terrain and absence of laws restricting movement. A well-developed system of transportation existed which facilitated moving from one place to another
  • Consider alternate spellings for names, such as Peder for Peter, and Maria for Maren. Law regarding surnames were not fully in effect at this time, so the person may be recorded with or without a patronymic surname
  • When looking for a person with a common name, look at all the entries for the name before deciding which individual is correct. Use other information, such as place of birth, age, occupation, or names of parents, to determine which candidate is the correct person. If listed, a personal title may be a clue to property ownership or occupation, either of which might be noted in other records
  • Check for variants of given names, surnames, and place names. Transcription errors could occur in any handwritten record; also, it was not uncommon for an individual be listed under a nickname or an abbreviation of their name

Research Helps

The following articles will help you in your research for your family in Denmark.

Citing This Collection

Citations help you keep track of places you have searched and sources you have found. Identifying your sources helps others find the records you used.

Collection Citation
"Denmark Census, 1916." Database with images. FamilySearch. : 7 December 2017. From "1916 Denmark Census." Database and images. MyHeritage. : 2016. Citing Rigsarkivet, København (The Danish National Archives), Copenhagen.
Record Citation:
When looking at a record, the citation is found below the record.
Image Citation:
When looking at an image, the citation is found on the Information tab at the bottom left of the screen.

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