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Calender for the years 601 to 2200 A.D.
By R.W. Bauer

The following is a tool for calculating the moveable Feast Days for any year between 601 A.D. and 2200 A.D. In the first section (1ste Hefte) is the “calculator” The second section is a comparison of the different calendars (i.e. Gregorian vs. Julian, etc.) and a list of the fixed Feast Days.
To work the calculator, first determine whether you are using the Julian calendar (Gammel Stiil) or the Gregorian calendar (Ny Stiil). On pages 6-11, is found tables that are first divided into Gammel Stiil and Ny Stiil. From there they are divided into centuries, and then the years are listed with a corresponding number.
Once you have determined which calendar you are using, find the year of interest and its corresponding number. The numbers next to the years represent the different calendars found on pages 12-81. Sometimes the letter ‘S’ will be listed between the year and its calendar number. This ‘S’ signifies a leap year (skudaar).
The calendars on pages 12-81, list the moveable feast days along with some fixed days (ex. “Juledag” - Christmas). These calendar tables are also divided between Skudaar (Leap years) and Almindeligt Aar (Regular years). When the correct calendar table has been determined, simply find the wanted feast day and the date will be given.




Bauer, R.W. Calender for Aarene fra 601 til 2200 efter Christi Fødsel. København: Thieles Bogtrykkeri, 1868. Reprinted 1977.