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The Hundreds of Delaware

In colonial times (1862), townships were geographically divided into groups called Hundreds , patterned after the old English division of a county [1] Originally there were 5 Hundreds in New Castle, 5 Hundreds in Kent, and 2 Hundreds in Sussex. As the population grew, so did the groups of Hundreds. By 1875 the Hundreds grew to be the present day Thirty five. Delaware is the only state that continues to use this division. [2][3]

History Of Delaware’s Hundreds

William Penn described it as settlements divided into sections of One Hundred Families.[4] An old Saxon land division term for a parcel of land that is smaller than a county or shire yet larger than a tithing is what they called a "hundred". Ten freeholder families or ten tithings comprised a "Hundred" with 100 families each. This usually consisted households with the average of 10 members each, the family plus servants.[5] [6] [7]

A couple of great resources for histories of the various Hundreds can be found in History of Delaware : 1609-1888: Local History [8] and History of the state of Delaware [9] available at Google Books.


The State of Delaware has a color coded map of the Hundreds that is easily downloadable at The Hundreds of Delaware [10]

List of Delaware Hundreds

Hundreds of New Castle County

Hundred Abbrev Estab Parent Hundred Primary Town Name Origin Notes
Appoquinimink Hundred Appoqu 1682 Original Townsend Appoquinimink Creek part is now Blackbird
Blackbird Hundred Blackb 1875 Appoquinimink Hundred Blackbird Creek
Brandywine Hundred Brandy 1862 Original Bellefonte Brandywine Creek
Christiana Hundred Christ 1682 Original Elsmere Christiana River Part is now Wilmington
Mill Creek Hundred MillCr 1710 Christiana Hundred Hockessin Mill Creek
New Castle Hundred NewCas 1682 Original New Castle Town of New Castle
Pencader Hundred Pencad 1710 New Castle Hundred Glasgow Pencader (Welsh Tract) Church
Red Lion Hundred RedLio 1710 New Castle Hundred Delaware City Red Lion Creek
St. Georges Hundred StGeor 1682 Original Middletown St. George's Creek
White Clay Creek Hundred WhiteC 1710 Christiana Hundred Newark White Clay Creek
Wilmington Hundreds Wilmin 1833 Christiana Hundred Wilmington City of Wilmington was part of Christiana

Hundreds of Kent County

Hundred Abbrev Estab Parent Hundred Primary Town Name Origin Notes
Dover Hundred Dover 1823 St Jones Hundred Dover Divided into East and West Dover in 1859 East and West Dover Hundreds
Duck Creek Hundred DuckCr 1682 Original Smyrna Duck Creek Part is in Little Creek and Part in Kenton
East Dover Hundred EDover 1859 Dover Dover Hundred City of Dover Formally Dover
Kenton Hundred Kenton 1869 Duck Creek Hundred Kenton Town of Kenton Was Duck Creek and Little Creek
Little Creek Hundred LitCrk 1869 Original Leipsic Little Creek Was Part of Duck Creek
Milford Hundred Milfor 1830 Mispillion Hundred Milford City of Milford Was Part of Mispillion
Misipillion Hundred Mispil 1682 Original Harrington Mispillion River Part is now MIlford
Murderkill Hundred Murder 1682 Murderkill Hundred Camden Murderkill Is now North and South Murderkill
North Murderkill Hundred NMurde 1855 Motherkill Hundred Camden Murderkill River Was Part of Murderkill
St. Jones Hundred StJone 1682 St. Jones Hundred Dover Renamed Dover Dover was divided to East and West Dover
South Murderkill Hundred SMurde 1855 Murderkill Hundred Felton Murderkill River Was Part Of Murderkill
West Dover WDover 1859 Dover Hundred Hartly City of Dover Was Part Of Dover

Hundreds of Sussex County

Hundred Abbrev Estab Parent Hundred Primary Town Name Origin Current Name
Baltimore Hundred Baltim 1775 Worcester County, MD Millville Part of never-erected Maryland county Was Part of Worcester County, MD
Broadcreek Hundred BroadC 1775 Somerset County, MD Bethel Broadkill River (also known as Broad Creek) Part is now Gumboro & Dagsboro; was MD
Broadkill Hundred Broadl 1696 Broadkill Hundred Original Milton Broadkill River Part is now in Georgetown Hundred. Variant name is Broadkiln.
Cedar Creek Hundred CedarC 1702 Broadkill Hundred Milford Cedar Creek Part Established in 1696 as an original Hundred, part of area called "Old Sussex". Part is now in Georgetown Hundred. Variant name is Broadkiln.
Cedar Hook Hundred CedarH 1702 Cedar Creek Hundred Milford Cedar Creek Now Cedar Creek
Dagsborough Hundred Dagsbo 1773 Worcester County, MD Millsboro Dagsboro Part was Broad Creek; Part was MD, 1775
Deep Creek Hundred DeepCr Somerset County, MD Now Nanticoke
Georgetown Hundred George 1863 Broadkill Hundred Georgetown Georgetown Also 1833-35; was Part of Broadkill
Gumborough Hundred Gumbor 1873 Dagsboro Hundred Gumboro Was Part of Broad Creek and Dagsboro
Indian Creek Hundred Indian 1706 Now Indian River
Indian River Hundred IndiaR 1706 Lewes & Rehoboth Hundred Angola Indian River (inlet and bay) Also Called Indian Creek
Lewes & Rehoboth Hundred LewesR 1692 Original Lewes Lewes (Whorekill) Was Also Rehoboth
Little Creek Hundred LitCrS 1774 Somerset County, MD Laurel Little Creek Was Part of Somerset County, MD
Nantiocke Hundred Nantic 1775 Somerset County, MD Nanticoke River Was Deep Creek
Northwest Fork Hundred Northw 1775 Dorchester County, MD Bridgeville Northwest Fork, Nanticoke River Part is Now Searford: Was Maryland
Seaford Hundred Seafor 1869 Northwest Fork Hundred Seaford Seaford Was Part of Northwest Fork

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