Davis County Utah Cemeteries

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History of Cemeteries

The first cemeteries in Davis County were in the southern cities of Bountiful and Farimngton. The early pioneers found cemeteries to be an immediate need. For example, Colonel Davis who founded the city of Farminton, was the first person who asked that property be set aside for a cemetery. Three days after found the small town, Colonel Davis' son was run over by a wagon and was killed.

The early period of Davis County cemeteries is considered to be from 1847 to 1863 when Davis County was incorporated. At that time, the county assumed responsibity for maintaining most of the public cemeteries within cities in Davis County.

Cemetery Locations

There are 23 cemeteries within the current Davis County Borders.  Most are opperated by the county, but some are still private and independently maintained.  The following is a list of Cemeteries

  • Bountiful City Cemetery
  • Bountiful South City Cemetery
  • Bountiful Calvery Christian Cemetery
  • Clearfield Municipal Cemetery
  • Crowther Brothers Mortuary Cemetery
  • Crowning Summit Memorial Gardens
  • Farmington City Cemetery
  • North Farmington City Cemetery
  • Layton Memorial Gardens
  • Layton City Cemetery
  • First Baptist of Layton Cemetery
  • Layton Veteran's and War Memorial Cemetery
  • North Layton Lake View Cemetery