Daverden, Niedersachsen (formerly in Hannover)

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Daverden was mentioned on a historic record for the first time in 1258.

The parish church is found in a record dating to 1281.

On the Internet information as to the emigrants leaving for mainly Northern America is found under www.daverden.de

In 2008 a book on the history of Daverden was published including much historic data as well as stories on interesting local people.

Many photographs and maps on Daverden and its vicinity are included in the book.

A 'Hoefeliste' or listing of the farms and their owners adds important information for researchers.

The above book is titled "Daverden - Geschichte und Geschichten" and was published by the "Verein fuer Kultur und Geschichte Daverden," publisher: "Luehrs & Roever, Verden"

A copy is being acquired by the Family History Library of Salt Lake City and will make this book available in the near future to on-site visitors.