Danish Genealogical Words beginning with A

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Danish English
aa see å
aaben open
aandsvag mentally deficient
aar year
aar gammel, aar gl. year old
aaret the year
aarlig yearly, annual
aarsag cause
aarti decade
A.D.(Latin) year of the Lord
ablutus est (Latin) he was baptized
abort miscarriage
a (ab) (Latin) from, by
abscessus (Latin) death
absolvere to give absolution
abstersus (Latin) baptized
addresse address
adel nobility
adelig noble
adelsmand nobleman
adjudant adjutant
advokat, sagfører lawyer, attorney
aetas (aetatis) (Latin) age
af of, at, by, from
af første (lste) ægteskab of first marriage
af sognet of the parish
afdeling part, division, portion
afdød deceased
afgangne departed
afgangsliste moving-out record
afgift rent, duty, monetary fee
afkom offspring
afsked leave, resignation, departure
afstraffe punish
afstaa, afstige resign, give up
aftægt provide support
aftægtsfolk retired people
aftægtskone retired woman
aftægtsmand retired man
alder age
alderdomssvaghed weakness from old age
aldrig never
alle all
alle felter all fields
almindelig common
almisse alms, welfare
almisselem pauper, welfare recipient
alt all
altid always
altsaa consequently, accordingly, therefore, so
amt county
amtet the county
amtmand chief county administrator
anden 2nd
anden gang second time
andre others
anetavle pedigree
anfald seizures
anført entered, mentioned, placed
ankomst arrival
anmode request
anmærkninger remark, notice, note
anno (Latin) in the year (of)
anno domini (Latin) in the year of (our) Lord
annus (Latin) year
antal number, count
April April
arbejder worker
arbejdsmand worker, laborer
arkiv archive
arme\' army
arv inheritance
arve inherit
arvinger heirs
at that, at,
atten 18
attende 18th
attest certificate
August August
af = av of, at, by, from