Creating or Patrolling Online Genealogy Records Pages

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What We Put On an Online Genealogy Record Page

1. Databases with actual people data

Every link should be an online databse that our users can search for possible names, dates, or places to add to their family histores. Links to library records or books/CD ROMs/etc. are not appropriate. It must be a readable database. For example:

  • Indexed, digitized, or transcribed parish registers listing christenings, marriages, and burials
  • Indexes or original civil birth, marriage, divorce, or death records
  • Digitized images of census records or indexed transcriptions of them
  • Transcribed or photographed cemetery records
  • Military records--draft, enlistment, pensions, deaths
  • Newspapers, digitized and/or indexed, especially obituary notices
  • Immigration records: shipping lists, Ellis Island arrivals
  • Passport applications, citizenship records, petitions for naturalization
  • Wills, administrations, probate documents
  • Voting registration
  • Land records and deeds
  • Collections of biography
  • Local histories with biography collections
  • Directories

2. Each link has to cover the whole geographical area, or a very large chunk (larger than one parish or city.)

3. The only exception is maps/gazetteers—something that will aid in finding a locality.

What We Don’t Put On Online Genealogy Records Pages

  • How-to articles
  • Methods and strategies
  • Information about social customs
  • History that doesn’t include biography
  • Long lists of “great” links
  • Chats, forums, bogs
  • Societies, except membership societies with pedigree databases
  • Extremely small collections

Sources We Use to Find Links

1. FamilySearch Historical Collection

2. Links in Wiki Articles

3. Major Websites:

4. Cyndi’s List—not everything she has. Our requirements are more specialized.

5. Google main topics—Keywords:

Online database
Birth records, death records, marriage records
Church records
Cemetery records
Wills and probate

6. E-Book Collections, using the same keywords:

Internet Archives
Google Books

7. Family History Library Online

Patrolling Issues—Watch for These Errors.=

  • A link that is not a database of names of people.
  • Information for a smaller geographic area.
  • A non-standard sub-topic. Or no sub-topic.
  • A link that doesn’t lead immediately to the search page of the named collection
  • No index status: index and images, images only, incomplete
  • Incomplete.
  • ($)
  • Other lengthy explanatory remarks.