Court of the Bishop (Consistory) of the Commissary of the Archdeaconry of Richmond Western Deaneries - Lonsdale

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A general explanation of probate records in England, is given in the article England Probate Records.

Description[edit | edit source]

Probate is the legal court process by which the estate of a deceased person is distributed to his or her heirs. The term probate refers to a collection of documents, including wills, administrations (also called admons), inventories, and act books. The Church of England ecclesiastical courts had authority for this process until to 1858.

Step By Step[edit | edit source]

1. Search indexes to help you more quickly find the will, writing down each detail given in the index.

2. Go to "Records" (below) to determine what probate records exist for this court.

3. Obtain the records to search. Use one of these methods to find indexes and records.

  • Contact or visit the Archive (see below) or hire a professional record searcher to view these records on your behalf.
  • Microfilms can no longer be ordered.

Indexes[edit | edit source]

Online Indexes[edit | edit source]

Printed and Published Indexes[edit | edit source]

The Family History Library has copies of the Western Deaneries act books and alpha-arranged wills.

These begin from early to 1858, for the western deaneries of Amounderness, Copeland, Furness, Kendal and Lonsdale was printed in 2001 by the Institute of Local and Family History, University of Central Lancashire. The Family History Library has a copy of this index (FHL 942.72 P22a volumes 1-20).

Records[edit | edit source]

Archive Location[edit | edit source]

The records for this court are in the West Yorkshire Archives Service, Leeds.

Archive Records[edit | edit source]

Add information about the manuscript, printed and digital records in this location.

Family History Library Records[edit | edit source]

The Family History Library has film copies of the following records. Films can be viewed in the library or in a family history center.

Original Wills

The original wills, 1521-1857, have not been filmed. A miscellanous collection of 208 wills and inventories for Richmond, 1442-1578, are on film number 994031 item 7. . The collection was also printed in volume 26 of the Publications of the Surtees Society.

Registered copy wills

  • 1474-1485, 1503, 1529-1551 on film number 98914.
  • 1552-1585 on film number 98914.
  • 1586-1719 -- there are none. Consult the originals.
  • 1720-1731 on film number 98921.
  • 1732-1782 -- there are none. Consult the originals.
  • 1783-1791 on film number 99881 item 2.
  • 1792-1857 -- there are none. Consult the originals.

Act books and other registers

  • 1663-1664 on film number 99953
  • 1665-1679 -- nothing available.
  • 1680-1694 on film number 99952 item 2.
  • 1695-1706 -- nothing available.
  • 1707-1714, 1746 on film number 99952 item 1.
  • 1715-1735 -- nothing available.
  • 1736-1741 on film number 99953 item 2.
  • 1742-1743 -- nothing available.
  • 1744-1746 on film number 99954.
  • 1747-1765 -- nothing available.
  • 1766-1771 on film number 99954.
  • 1772-1776 -- none available.
  • 1777-1806 on film number 99954.
  • 1809-1830 on film number 99954 item 2.
  • 1830-1854 on film 99954 item 3.

Appeals Courts[edit | edit source]

Any probate that was disputed and could not be settled by the county courts could be sent to these higher appeals courts:

Estate Duty Records
[edit | edit source]

Starting in 1796, a tax or death duty was payable on estates over a certain value. Estate duty abstracts may add considerable information not found elsewhere. Estate duty indexes may help locate a will. For more information, go to Estate Duty Registers.

Jurisdiction[edit | edit source]

The Archdeaconry of Richmond contained the Eastern Deaneries of Richmond, Catterick and Boroughbridge, covering the western half of the North Riding and Lonsdale in the West Riding. To know which court had jurisdiction over a place, see the links in the Court Jurisdictions section of Yorkshire Probate Records.