County Roscommon Civil Parishes

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Counties of Ireland
County Roscommon
County Roscommon Civil Parishes

A map of the Civil Parishes of County Roscommon is available at Irish Times site.
A map of the Catholic parishes of county Roscommon is also available at Irish Times website.

Civil Parish - Church of Ireland

Barony Poor Law Union Catholic Parish[1] Catholic Diocese[1]
Ardcarn Boyle Boyle Ardcarn (Cootehall) Elphin
Ardcarn Boyle Carrick on Shannon
Athleague Athlone Roscommon Athleague & Fuerry Elphin
Athlone Athlone Roscommon St. Peter's Athlone Elphin
Aughrim Roscommon Carrick on Shannon Aughrim (& Kilmore?) Elphin
Ballintober Castlereagh Castlereagh Ballintober Elphin
Ballynakill Ballymoe Castlereagh Ballynakill (Ballymoe) Elphin
Ballynakill Ballymoe Roscommon
Baslick Castlereagh Castlereagh Ogulla Elpin
Boyle Boyle Boyle Boyle Elphin
Bumlin Roscommon Strokestown Lissonuffy Elphin
Cam Athlone Athlone Kiltoom Elphin
Castlemore Frenchpark Castlereagh Castlemore & Kilcolman Achonry
Clooncraff Roscommon Carrick on Shannon Kiltrustan, etc. Lissonuffy Elphin
Clooncraff Roscommon Roscommon
Clooncraff Roscommon Strokestown
Cloonfinlough Roscommon Roscommon Lissonuffy Elphin
Cloonfinlough Roscommon Strokestown
Cloontuskert Ballintober South Roscommon Cloontuskert Elphin
Cloonygormican Ballymoe Castlereagh Glinsk see Ballynakill (Ballymoe), Galway Elphin
Cloonygormican Ballymoe Roscommon
Creagh Moycarn Ballinasloe Kilcloony (Galway) Clonfert
Creeve Frenchpark Carrick on Shannon Creeve Elphin
Creeve Roscommon Strokestown
Drum Athlone Athlone St. Peter's Athlone Tuam
Drumatemple Ballymoe Castlereagh Ballintober (see also co. Galway) Elphin
Drumatemple Ballymoe Glennamaddy
Dunamon Ballymoe Roscommon Kilbegnet, see Ballynakill (Ballymore) co. Galway Elphin
Dysart Athlone Athlone Dysart & Tissara Elphin
Elphin Frenchpark Strokestown Elphin & Creve Elphin
Elphin Roscommon Castlereagh
Elphin Roscommon Strokestown
Estersnow Boyle Boyle Killukin part Kilnamanagh Elphin
Fuerty Athlone Roscommon Fuerty Elphin
Kilbride Ballintober South Roscommon Kilbride Elphin
Kilbride Ballintober South Strokestown
Kilbride Roscommon Strokestown
Kilbryan Boyle Boyle Boyle Elphin
Kilcolagh Frenchpark Boyle Killukin & Killumod Elphin
Kilcolman Frenchpark Castlereagh Kilcolman & Castlemore (see also co Mayo & co Sligo) Achonry
Kilcooley Roscommon Strokestown Ogulla & Baslic (Tulsk) Elphin
Kilcorkey Castlereagh Castlereagh Kilcorkey & Frenchpark Elphin
Kilgefin Ballintober South Roscommon Cloontuskert Elphin
Kilglass Ballintober North Strokestown Kilglass & Rooskey Elphin
Kilglass Roscommon Strokestown
Kilkeevin Castlereagh Castlereagh Kilkeevan Elphin
Killinvoy Athlone Athlone St. John's Elphin
Killinvoy Athlone Roscommon
Killukin Boyle Boyle Killukin & Killumod Elphin
Killukin Boyle Carrick on Shannon
Killukin Roscommon Strokestown Ogulla & Cloonfinlough Elphin
Killumod Boyle Boyle Killumod (see Killukin?) Elphin
Killumod Boyle Carrick on Shannon
Kilmacumsy Frenchpark Boyle Elphin and Creve Elphin
Kilmeane Athlone Roscommon St. John's Elphin
Kilmore Ballintober North Carrick on Shannon Kilmore Elphin
Kilnamanagh Frenchpark Boyle Kilnamanagh (Breedogue & Ballinameen) Elphin
Kilnamanagh Frenchpark Castlereagh
Kilronan Boyle Boyle Kilronan (Keadue, Arigna & Ballyfarnon) Tuam
Kilteevan Ballintober South Roscommon Kilteevan Elphin
Kiltoom Athlone Athlone Kiltoom (Ballybay) Elphin
Kiltrustan Roscommon Strokestown Kiltrustan Elphin
Kiltullagh Castlereagh Castlereagh Kiltullagh Tuam
Lissonuffy Roscommon Strokestown Kiltrustan, Lissonuffy, & Cloonfinlough (Strokestown) Elphin
Moore Moycarn Ballinasloe Moore Tuam
Ogulla Roscommon Strokestown Ogulla & Baslic (Tulsk) Elphin
Oran Ballymoe Roscommon Oran (Cloverhill) Elphin
Rahara Athlone Athlone St. John's Elphin
Rahara Athlone Roscommon
Roscommon Ballintober South Roscommon Rosscommon & Kilteevan Elphin
Shankill Roscommon Boyle Elphin & Creeve Elphin
Shankill Roscommon Castlereagh
Shankill Roscommon Strokestown
St. Johns Athlone Athlone St. John's Elphin
St. Johns Athlone Roscommon
St. Peter's Athlone Athlone St. Peter's Athlone Elphin
Taghboy Athlone Athlone Dysart & Tissara, see also co. Galway Elphin
Taghboy Athlone Roscommon
Taghmaconnell Athlone Athlone Taghmaconnell Clonfert
Taghmaconnell Athlone Ballinasloe
Termonbarry Ballintober North Strokestown Rooskey Elphin
Tibohine Frenchpark Castlereagh Tibohine, also Loughglynn, Frenchpark, & Lisacul Elphin
Tibohine Frenchpark Swineford
Tisrara Athlone Roscommon Tissara Elphin
Tumna Boyle Boyle Killukin, Killumod, & Ardcarn (Cootehall) Elphin
Tumna Boyle
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