County Mayo Civil Parishes

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Counties of Ireland
County Mayo
County Mayo Civil Parishes

A map of the Civil Parishes of County Mayo is available at Irish Times site.

A map of the Catholic Parishes of County Mayo is available at Irish Times site.

Civil Parish - Church of Ireland

Barony Poor Law Union Catholic Parish[1] Catholic Diocese[1]
Achill Burrishoole Newport Achill Tuam
Addergoole Tirawley Ballina Addergoole
Addergoole Tirawley Castlebar
Aghagower Burrishoole Westport Aghagower
Aghagower Murrisk Westport
Aghamore Costello Claremorris Aghamore
Aghamore Costello Swineford
Aglish Carra Castlebar Aglish, Ballyhean, and Breaghy Tuam
Annagh Costello Claremorris Ballyhaunis Tuam
Ardagh Tirawley Ballina Ardagh Killala
Attymass Gallen Ballina Attymass Killala
Balla Clanmorris Castlebar Balla, Belcarra, and Manulla Tuam
Ballinchalla Kilmaine Ballinrobe Cong and The Neal Tuam
Ballinrobe Kilmaine Ballinrobe Ballinrobe Tuam
Ballintober Burrishoole Westport Burriscarra and Ballintubber

Ballintober Carra Ballinrobe
Ballintober Carra Castlebar
Ballyhean Carra Castlebar Aglish, Ballyhean, and Breaghy Tuam
Ballynahaglish Tirawley Ballina Backs Killala
Ballyovey Carra Ballinrobe Partry and Tourmakeady Tuam
Ballysakeery Tirawley Ballina Ballyaskeery Killala
Bekan Costello Claremorris Bekan Tuam
Bohola Gallen Castlebar Bohola
Bohola Gallen Swineford
Breaghwy Carra Castlebar Aglish, Ballyhean, and Breaghy Tuam
Burriscarra Carra Ballinrobe Burriscarra and Ballintubber
Burriscarra Carra Castlebar
Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport Burrishoole Tuam
Castlemore Costello Castlereagh Balla, Belcarra, and Manulla Tuam
Cong Kilmaine Ballinrobe Cong and The Neal
Cong Kilmaine Oughterard
Crossboyne Clanmorris Claremorris Crossboyne and Taugheen Tuam
Crossmolina Tirawley Ballina Crossmolina Killala
Dingle Corkaguiny Dingle
Doonfeeny Tirawley Killala Ballycastle (Kilbride and Doonferry) Killala
Drum Carra Castlebar Balla, Balcarra, and Manulla Tuam
Inishbofin Murrisk Clifden
Islandeady Burrishoole Westport Islandeady


Islandeady Carra Castlebar
Islandeady Carra Westport
Kilbeagh Costello Castlereagh Kilbeagh
Kilbeagh Costello Swineford
Kilbelfad Tirawley Ballina Backs Killala
Kilbride Tirawley Killala Ballycastle (Kilbride and Doonfeeny) Killala
Kilcolman (Clanmorris Barony) Clanmorris Claremorris Kilcolman Tuam
Kilcolman (Costello Barony) Costello Castlereagh Casltemore and Kilcolman (see Co. Sligo & Co. Roscommon) Tuam
Kilcommon (Erris Barony) Erris Belmullet Belmullet
Kilcommon (Erris Barony) Erris Newport
Kilcommon (Kilmaine & clanmorris Barony) Kilmaine Ballinrobe Kilcommon and Robeen
Kilcommon  (Kilmaine & clanmorris Barony) Kilmaine Claremorris
Kilconduff Gallen Swineford Kilconduff and meelick Achonry
Kilcummin Tirawley Killala Lackan Killala
Kildacommoge Carra Castlebar Keelogues
Kildacommoge Gallen Castlebar
Kilfian Tirawley Ballina Kilfian
Kilfian Tirawley Killala
Kilgarvan Gallen Ballina Kilgarvan Killala
Kilgeever Murrisk Westport Clare Island, and Kilgeever Tuam
Killala Tirawley Killala Killala Killala
Killasser Gallen Swineford Killasser Achonry
Killedan Gallen Swineford Killedan Achonry
Kilmaclasser Burrishoole Westport Kilmeena Tuam
Kilmainebeg Kilmaine Ballinrobe Kilmaine Tuam
Kilmainemore Kilmaine Ballinrobe Kilmaine Tuam
Kilmeena Burrishoole Newport Kilmeena
Kilmeena Burrishoole Westpor
Kilmolara Kilmaine Ballinrobe Cong and The Neal Tuam
Kilmore Erris Belmullet Kilmore-Erris Killala
Kilmoremoy Tirawley Ballina Kilmoremoy Killala
Kilmovee Costello Swineford Kilmovee Achonry
Kilturra Costello Swineford Kilshalvy, Kilturra, and Cloonoghill Achonry
Kilvine Clanmorris Claremorris Kilvine Tuam
Knock Clanmorris Claremorris Knock
Knock Costello Claremorris
Lackan Tirawley Killala Lackan or Lacken Killala
Manulla Carra Castlebar Balla and Manulla Tuam
Mayo Athlone Claremorris Mayo Abbey and Roslea
Mayo Clanmorris Ballinrobe
Mayo Clanmorris Castlebar
Mayo Clanmorris Claremorris
Mayo Kilmaine Ballinrobe
Meelick Gallen Swineford Kilconduff and Meelick Achonry
Moorgagagh Kilmaine Ballinrobe Kilmaine Tuam
Moygawnagh Tirawley Killala Moygownagh Killala
Oughaval Murrisk Westport Aughaval Tuam
Rathreagh Tirawley Killala Kilfian Killala
Robeen Kilmaine Ballinrobe Kilcommon and Robeen Tuam
Rosslee Carra Ballinrobe Mayo and Rosslea
Rosslee Carra Castlebar
Shrule Kilmaine Ballinrobe Shrule Tuam
Tagheen Clanmorris Claremorris Crossboyne and Tagheen Tuam
Templemore Gallen Castlebar Templemore
Templemore Gallen Swineford
Templemurry Tirawley Killala Killala Achonry
Toomore Gallen Swineford part Toomore, part Kilturra Achonry
Touaghty Carra Ballinrobe Mayo Abbey and Roslea Tuam
Turlough Carra Castlebar Turlough Tuam
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