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Denmark Gotoarrow.png Copenhagen Gotoarrow.png Genealogies

Genealogies are compiled information about a family's history, ancestors, descendants and close kin. Genealogies are widely available and include vital information for each individual listed. Sources for genealogies do not focus so much on just one city, such as Copenhagen, but are usually on a country wide basis. For more information on genealogies in Copenhagen, see Denmark: Genealogy.

Genealogies come in many different forms and databases. The two main forms for genealogies are online databases and printed sources. Printed sources include Lineage books/charts, Descendancy books/charts, and Family Histories. Online databases include the same information a printed source would, but these databases are electronic and can include websites and computer files.


Some advice to note is, often genealogies are secondary compiled sources, meaning that the information given may not be entirely correct. It is always good to verify information from genealogies with original records.
Genealogies are found in archives, libraries and special collections. Always check library catalogs and archive registers for genealogies of interest.

Online records

Online records for genealogists, Copenhagen City Archives (Police Censuses, marriages, citizenship, poor records and funerals)

Online Databases

Familysearch. org (has links to other danish websites)