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Guide to Copenhagen City ancestry, family history and genealogy: birth records, marriage records, death records, census records, parish registers, and military records.


How to Find Birth, Marriage, and Death Information

Instructions for finding records are found on the individual parish pages, linked to the clickable map and parish list below.

See the article Locating Family in the City.


Copenhagen has existed at least since the 11th century and was possibly founded by Svein Forkbeard. It replaced Roskilde as the capital of Denmark in 1443. Copenhagen has suffered several disasters throughout its history which affected families and therefore genealogy. The following is a list of such disasters:

Disasters in Copenhagen:

  1. 1349: The Black Death
  2. 1405-1406: Plague outbreak
  3. 1428: Plague outbreak
  4. 1446: Plague outbreak
  5. 1460-1461: Plague outbreak
  6. 1472: Plague outbreak
  7. 1483: Plague outbreak
  8. 1546-1548: Plague outbreak
  9. 1553-1554: Plague outbreak
  10. 1563-1568: Plague outbreak
  11. 1575-1578: Plague outbreak
  12. 1583-1585: Plague outbreak
  13. 1592-1594: Plague outbreak
  14. 1601-1603: Plague outbreak
  15. 1618-1621: Plague outbreak. 7000 Copenhageners died
  16. 1624-1626: Plague outbreak
  17. 1628-1630: Plague outbreak. 5000 Copenhageners died
  18. 1636-1638: Plague outbreak. 5000 Copenhageners died
  19. 1652: Dysentery outbreak
  20. 1653-1657: Plague outbreak. 8500 Copenhagerns died out of a total of 30,000-35,000
  21. 1710-1711: Plague outbreak. 22,000-23,000 Copenhageners died out of a total 30,000
  22. 20-23 October 1728: Fire. 28% of the city was destroyed 20% was left homeless. Records from the diocese of Zealand were destroyed among other irreplaceable works
  23. 5-7 July 1795: Fire. 6000 of 100,000 inhabitants were made homeless. The rest of the medieval part of the city was destroyed
  24. 16 August-5 September 1807: British bombardment of Copenhagen. 1,000 buildings were destroyed, 195 civilians died, and 768 were injured
  25. 11 June-October 1853: Cholera outbreak. 7219 infections were reported of which 4737 died

Archives, Societies, and Libraries


  • Sokkelund Herred


For additional information, see the parish list.

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