Community Wiki Support Meeting 12 June 2014

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  • You can join up to 10 minutes early. If you try to join the meeting at any other time, you will get an error that the meeting doesn't exist.

Purpose of the meeting

Improve the Wiki

  • Forge solutions with other community contributors.
  • Share best practices, ideas, and content.
  • Discuss current issues, community matters, and strategies.
  • Move issues to decision.


Attendance: Barbara, Blake, Caleb, Charles, Jim L. , LaVera, Linda, Marilyn, Myra, Robin
New Attendees: none

Ruth will out for at least 2 weeks. Sandra Kennedy has been invited to our two Thursday meetings. She will be able to start to join in meeting from her work in the next week as her employer is putting WIFI in their office so she can join us.

Kudos go to: All the team has really worked hard on File Categories.
Marilyn/LaVera - Welcoming committee work
Lavera for covering Salesforce while Linda out

Follow-up and Priority items for this meeting:

watch for this next week
Patrolling People patrolling are letting certain things go on talk page: We will share in Thursday meeting and Sandra will train next week.

1. Answer questions posted on talk pages. If you do not know the answer, put a Helpme template.

After a question is answered, put helpme-helped template. These go to Sandra. If it is Historical Records there is a different template for them. See example.

2. Format the talk page giviing a title to the question. 3. If there is no signature, use — Preceding unsigned comment added by user name (talk | contribs) 17:57, 12 February 2014 (UTC) and go to the history to find the username and the date.
4. If you answer a question, indent below the question. Then answer the question. 5. If you patrol a talk page that is older, you need to fix the whole page if it has not been done in the past. See Clean up talk pages.

  • Priority Item.- Patrolling seems to be taking a backseat to projects. We need Everyone to do some everyday. What's the solution for everyone to take part? Are their members of the team who feel they are exempt? Charles will keep us posted on Skype how patrolling is doing
Robin says to text her at 864-377-1931 if need to have her help

  • (Sandra) The FamilySearch Historical Records Team is re-organizing their Categories to match the titles and the Wiki order of Categories. See above the way to categorize these categories.

Following "wanted pages" not covered

(From training spotlight last week, which was not covered) Take up the opportunity and go to the following pages Wanted Categories and follow instructions on the |How to Create Wanted Categories or go to Wanted Pages and follow the instructions at How to Create Wanted Pages. Most of the new categories are being created by the FamilySearch Historical Records Team to follow the creation and names order. The main categories they can be put into are Category:(State or Country name) FamilySearch Historical Records
  • Example: I copied the Title, divided the Title up and added the two categories.The first category would be Just the county or state. The second is the region plus the FamilySearch Historical Records. Have fun. Thanks so much for all you each do. (Over kill. Yes or maybe? Oh well enjoy.) This has all been completed by the FamilySearch Historical Records Team.
  • (Wilma) Please do not go to Illinois page for the next few weeks unnecessarily. The Content team would like to get a good feel for how many times the page is truly accessed.
  • (Giuseppe) Community Council and Support Team discussion (Governance Council creation?)

Improve the Wiki

Current Wiki Projects we are focusing on

  • Uncategorized Files June 5th count at 1862 - Where are we now? 966
  • New Moderators Have been communicating with User:Dwsmith2 after several times I asking if he was interested in becoming a Moderator and sent him the information. He accepted and I made him a Moderator, he was already a Reviewer. He wants to work on Alabama and the Central American Nations til others come forward to do them. I am starting s search for more moderators amoung the active Users. I have a list of 7 I am going to check out after my trip. Will keep you up on this.

Be sure you have notified Community Council when approving moderators. We have a policy that they would be made aware of people wanting to be moderators and be involved in the process. ---Robin

Training Spotlight

  • #redirect shown

Suggestions for Other Focus Projects

  • External links (count is 1471 on 5/31/14)

Supervisor Input

  • Giuseppe:Salesforce will not work with IE 7 or 8 in Jan 2015
  • Caleb:

Team Leads

  • Mission and Technical Lead - Charles
  • Training and Maintenance - Sandra
  • Community Lead/New Contributors- Robin
  • Content Missionary Lead- Wilma/Bo

Other Reports

  • Welcoming Committee - LaVera/Marilyn
  • Moderator Report - Myra

Patrolling and Sales Force Review

1: Did you see anything while patrolling this past week that would be interesting to discuss with the team?

2: What has been seen being touched/worked on.

3: Any potential attacks?

Team Member Support Assignments Content Project User Name
Barbara Patron requests Uncategorized files RogersBA
Blake patrolling Tbreynaud
Bob Heeder Translation HTML training class Bald eagle
Charles Non-English wiki, Technical Uncategorized files, Caleb's project Ccsmith
Diana formerly Adopters Colorado, Kentucky, California Diana47judy
LaVera Patron Requests, Welcoming Committee Uncategorized files, Help page project, Categorization, Red Link articles Parrisl
Linda Patron Requests, Secretary Uncategorized files, Support hub Lindachappell
Marilyn Welcoming Committee, New Contributors Uncategorized files Marilynbgardner49
Myra Moderators Red link articles, Uncategorized files Myrasueharris
Rick Patrol King Red link articles fritty
Robin New Volunteers, Moderators, New Contributors New to the Wiki Hub, South Carolina, African American SavingStories
Ruth Heeder Translation HTML training class Clanheeder
Sandra Maintenance Training Queen of the Wiki Sandralpond


1: What did you learn this week that you want to share?

2: What do you need help with?

3: Needed training?

4: Do you have questions or suggestions regarding what others are working on?

Additional Suggestions for Wiki Improvement

Followup For Next Week: