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Wiki Contributors Corner Forum - 22 December 2010  

Wiki page Moderators and Adoptors! Stay up-to-date and give your input on issues that matter to you on the Wiki Contributors Corner Forum

Update from Search Product Management - Pilot vs Beta - 8 November 2010  

An upate written by Robert Kehrer, the product manager for beta search about the Pilot and Beta search functions has been posted to Feedback and Community Support site

Watch and Unwatch Bug - 9 July 2010  

The following notice was posted on the Forum 9 July 2010

Some maintenance updates were installed on the wiki Thursday night (last night). As a result, a new bug was introduced that impacts the Watch/Unwatch feature in the wiki. Here’s a brief description of what you will experience: 

When you are watching a page, the Unwatch link shows up (like it always does). Due to the bug, the Watch link will still be there, even though you are already watching the page (this is the bug). 

However, if you are not watching a page, you will only see the single option to "Watch" the page. You will not see the additional "Unwatch" option. 

The engineers have isolated the problem and identified a fix. They will be testing the fix and installing it to the live wiki site once the testing is completed. 

Thanks to everyone for quickly reporting the problem. As a result of your watchful eyes over the wiki, we were able to quickly call in the troops and work toward the solution in a timely manner! 

See also, Technical Meeting Agenda for 26 October 2010

Wiki Success Stories  

Have a Wiki success story to share with the community? We want to read about it! 

Having difficulty signing in or combining accounts?  

Tell us at Tech Support on the Forums. The fastest way to get help! We are listening. 

Newly Published Collections on Family Search  

08/18/2010 FamilySearch announces many more collections added to Historical Records, totalling 200 million names. Included are the 1910 US Census (additional data, still in progress), various additional data from vital records in several states, and about half this total is from 18 different other countries. This is said to have made's collection nearly the largest international family history data resource known at present. 

October 2010 new collections for Historic Records are now only published in FamilySearch Beta as the closure of the Record Search site approaches FSbeta may be found at: 

New collections added 20 October 2010
Ghana 1982-1984 Census (FamilySearch Historical Records)
Idaho County Marriages - FamilySearch Historical Records additional indexes and images added
Germany, Mecklenburg-Schwerin Censuses - FamilySearch Historical Records 

28 October 2010 

Germany, Ludwigshafen Church Family Registers Extraction - FamilySearch Historical Records 

Norway 1875 Census - FamilySearch Historical Records additional image included 

Puerto Rico Civil Registration Records - FamilySearch Historical Records additional images included 

Arkansas County Marriages - FamilySearch Historical Records additional indexes and images added 

Minnesota State Census, 1865 - FamilySearch Historical Records new indexed records 

U.S., Minnesota State Census, 1905 1,973,884 indexed records and 52,150 digital images added 

New Collections added 29 October 2010 

Brazil Catholic Church Records - FamilySearch Historical Records 

Honduras Catholic Church Records - FamilySearch Historical Records 

Germany, Bremen Name Card Index to Passenger Lists - FamilySearch Historical Records 

New Collections added 5 November 2010 

Canada Ontario Births - FamilySearch Historical Records 

Rhode Island 1905 State Census - FamilySearch Historical Records 

Belgium, Antwerp Police Immigration - FamilySearch Historical Records 

Tennessee County Marriages - FamilySearch Historical Records 

Spain, Cadastre of Marquis of Ensenade - FamilySearch Historical Records 

a further 15 collections were reworked or added to 

New Collections added 9 November 2010 

Jamaica Church of England Parish Register Transcripts - FamilySearch Historical Records 

New York, Naturalization Indexes - FamilySearch Historical Records Eastern District 

Oklahoma Applications for Enrollment of the Commission to the Five Civilized Tribes - FamilySearch Historical Records 

United States, Mormon Battalion Pension Applications - FamilySearch Historical Records 

Green check.png
The usage of "Mormon" and "LDS" on this page is approved according to current policy.

Arizona Service Records of Confederate Soldiers of the Civil War - FamilySearch Historical Records 

3 December 2010 

FamilySearch Historical Records added collection 500 North Carolina County Marriage Records - FamilySearch Historical Records 

New wiki page designs ready for feedback

Two new screen shots for the wiki pages on beta FamilySearch are available for viewing and feedback on the Forum.

Skin options on beta FamilySearch - 30 June 2010

As we move forward with the integration of the wiki into beta FamilySearch, we wanted to express our thanks for all the feedback received regarding the new page designs for wiki content. In addition, we wanted to let you know that when the integration is finalized there will be two options to choose from in the preferences for the default skin of the wiki pages. This preference choice will be available for a period of time to help all community members transition to the new look of our wiki content. Currently that "period of time" is undetermined, but we will let you know. If you have any questions or comments, please add them to the Talk page. Thanks!

Testing the Wiki on FamilySearch - 7 June 2010

Your feedback is critical: There are new page content designs on FamilySearch Beta for the Wiki content. Please take a few minutes to review the design changes for the Wiki on FamilySearch Beta. The details about the design changes are on the page: Moving the Wiki to FamilySearch. Add your comments to that Talk page or on the Forum thread.

  • Item 1: Revised home page for states and countries
  • Item 2: New spot for the search box
  • Item 3: New spot for the table of contents
  • Item 4: New spot for the navigational links
  • Item 5: Other content styles that were fixed.

NGS 2010 - 27 May 2010

Combining Wiki Accounts - 20 April 2010

The ability to automatically combine multiple Wiki accounts is now a manual process. If you would like to have your accounts combined, please post your request in the forums. You will be notified when the process is complete.
Using Twitter to promote the Wiki

New Look on the Homepage - 11 April 2010

Check out the new look on the homepage. Feed back may be given on the talk page or on a thread in the forums.


James Anderson posted a Forum thread about how to use Twitter to promote the Wiki.

Nominate Community Members for Recognition - 30 Mar 2010

We wish to extend sincere appreciation to all of you for your participation in the Wiki and Forums Community. This is a pioneering effort and all of you are pioneers.  We are planning a Wiki/Forums Recognition Dinner on Tuesday, April 27th at 5:30 p.m. and would like our community members to nominate contributors that have made significant contributions to our Wiki and Forums efforts. Each member may nominate up to a total of 10 individuals.  Please email your nominations to by April 7th.

The following categories have been created for your convenience. If you think of another great category, please feel free to add it. Remember, we are a community!

Helping Hands - Individuals who have been exceptionally helpful to others.
Coding Guru – Technical individuals that made the Wiki and Forums possible.
Top Content Contenders – Individuals that contributed significant amounts of content to the Wiki.
Easier & Friendlier – Individuals that have made the Wiki easier to use and understand, especially for newcomers.
Morale Builder – Individuals in the Wiki and Forums that have a talent for showing appreciation for fellow community members.
Landscaping the Wiki – Individuals who made the Wiki more attractive.
Article Design – Individuals who designed interesting articles.
Wiki Janitors – Individuals who engaged in clean up and maintenance of the wiki.
Pioneering Award – Individuals who have been long-term work horses in making the Wiki what it is today.

Feedback for redesign of Home Page submitted

Engineering now has the feedback gathered from the community and staff. 

CK Whipple 18:21, 23 March 2010 (UTC)

Feedback Requested: Proposed changes to the Home Page

A mock up of a proposed home page design has been posted on the Home Page Talk page.  Feedback is being gathered untl March 18th. Leave your comments on the Talk page or in the forums.

Feedback Requested: Proposed changes to the FamilySearch wiki license

The FamilySearch wiki uses a creative commons non-commercial license vs. the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike license which is used by (as well as many other well known wikis). As the host of the wiki, we are proposing a change in the licensing of our content in order to allow our community at large greater flexibility for legitimate use of wiki content. Prior to doing so, we want to solicit community input on this planned change...CONTINUE

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